25 Reasons Your Business should be on Bing AdWords in 2017


25 Reasons Your Business should be on Bing AdWords in 2017   

If you operate a business, it is more than likely that you desire to see more traffic to your business’ site. An efficient way of getting traffic to your site is to use PPC marketing. Most people who use PPC campaigns focus mainly on Google AdWords campaigns.

However, a growing number of people are realizing the benefits of using Microsoft’s Bing platform, Bing Ads. Here are the main reasons you should also consider using it.

1.  Bing AdWords have a low cost per click compared to other search engines. Thus, if you want good ROI, it means you will get more traffic for less money if you utilize Bing Ads.

2.  Bing has experienced an upsurge in the users in recent years. Its market share continues to rise at a steady and predictable rate. Thus, what you pay today could be worth more tomorrow at the same price.

3.  Bing Ads lets you access about 33% of the U.S. customer base. People who use both Yahoo and Bing search engine will get to see your Bing Ads. It is a good way to reach people who do not use Google.

4.  It is quite easy to set up Bing Ads. It comes with an import tool that lets you import your existing Google AdWords campaign. Thus, it reduces the amount of time you would have spent creating a new campaign.

5.  Bing Ads often share scientific data that helps customers make up keyword decisions. They have a Slide Share channel where they post vertical-focused insights that boost the ability of marketers to make correct decisions.

6.  Advertisers can reach a global audience with Bing Ads. They have teams located around the world that assist with improving the PPC technology used by Bing Ads. Thus, you are assured of reaching a global audience effectively in places like LATAM, Europe, and Canada.

7.  They have an updated UI that is based on customer feedback. If you have been using Bing Ads for a while, you may have noticed how much it has improved in the recent past.

8.  It allows you to reach the demographic of people who are not tech savvy. Most laptops that come from the factory usually have Bing set as their default browser. Most of them never change this default setting.

9.  You can grow your income a lot by using product listing ads. With millions of people utilizing Bing, you could capture a huge untapped market.

10.  Bing gives you more opportunities for mobile targeting. On other search engines, mobile targeting is limited compared to Bing. You can target ads based on device type and OS types.

11.  It gives you the ability to target your ads to a specific demographic just like on the Google Display network. That is only possible on Bing Ads. The capability is not yet present on Google AdWords.

12.  There is a Bing Ads app that allows you to manage your CPC campaign on the go. The application is only available for iOS users. It is an awesome way to manage your campaigns, which is only possible on Bing Ads.

13.  Bing Ads features expanded ad text. The feature allows you to provide your potential clients with more information before they click on your ad. It has been proven to be quite effective in increasing traffic to sites.

14.  The people that use Bing are usually older than those that use Google. According to recent data, the older generation are more likely to have more disposable income than the young. Thus, if you are advertising luxury products or services, you should think of Bing Ads.

15.  Households that use Bing have between one and four children. Thus, you should use Bing Ads if your products or services are targeted to such a demographic.

16.  Bing Ads offer more personalized care compared to other search engines. It is a feature that has been praised by many industry experts.

17.  People who use Bing for searches have a 98% more chance to make a car purchase in the next month than on Google.

18.  Bing is built into the Windows 10 OS. Thus, you could access a huge audience of people who use Windows 10 by advertising on Bing Ads.

19.  Bing is what powers search for Kindle and Siri. It is the search engine used by default on Cortana; it is also available as an application for Android and iOS devices.

20.  There is less competition on Bing Ads. The reason is that most competitors still ignore the power of Bing.

21.  Bing offers a detailed report of all search partners where your ads appear. The ability to control the search partners is not offered on Google AdWords.

22.  With Bing Universal Event Tracking you can track results and use them for the creation of remarketing lists with just one tag. The feature is not available on Google AdWords.

23.  You get more granular control of your campaign with Bing Ads. For instance, you can assign your campaigns to different time zones.

24.  You do not have to worry about Close Variants with Bing Ads. The close variants option was forced on users of Google AdWords, which elicited a negative reaction from all users of their CPC service.

25.  You will get better social extensions with Bing Ads. Bing shows the number of Twitter followers that you have with each ad. Google only shows followers of Google+, which nobody uses.