25 Reasons #DeleteUber Started Trending on Twitter


25 Reasons #DeleteUber Started Trending on Twitter 

The recent attack on Uber on Twitter comes three days after the company’s CEO Travis Kalanick appeared to support President Donald Trump’s move to ban travels to seven Muslim states. In a Facebook post on his page, Kalanick made comments that angered millions of the company’s customers and the public in general. Here is a list of 25 reasons Uber has been receiving the backlash from Twitter users, and why the company will be under fire for quite some time.

1.  By choosing to show support to trump’s sweeping immigration order, Uber was swimming against the current. Trump’s perceived anti-Islam stance is already quite unpopular with many Americans and people from all around the world.

2.  The New York City Tax workers had already shown solidarity against Trump’s decision to issue the travel bans, but would not participate in the strike. Thus Uber’s actions were perceived as being disloyal.

3.  Even after #DeleteUber started trending, Kalanick appeared unapologetic about the company’s stance and posted that he was entitled to his opinion.

4.  Kalanick’s close association with Trump, which probably inspired his decision to support the president’s order, did not go down well with many people. Kalanick is one of the members of Trump’s business advisory group.

5.  Lyft, which is Uber’s main competitor, openly condemned Trump’s decision and declared it would be donating $1million to ACLU in the course of the next four years. This stance made Uber’s image even worse among its customers.

6.  In the past, Uber has emphasized on collaborating with the Trump administration. During a meeting with the company’s staff last week, Kalanick insisted on collaborating with Trump’s government. Such open support to a government which is unpopular with millions of people did not go down well with many.

7.  By suspending surge pricing at JFK airport, Uber was perceived by many to be taking advantage of refugee customers.

8.  Uber’s tweet that customers could use its cars during the strike by New York Taxi Workers Association was perceived as a move to sabotage the strike. Although the company issued another statement saying its actions were not meant to break off the strike, the damage had already been done.

9.  The anti-Uber campaign quickly spread outside the United States, with some customers calling for Lyft to take their services to the UK. Hence, the hashtag started trending.

10.  Uber’s presence in the taxi and food industry is heavy. The company operates in over 500 cities around the world. With such a large presence, any issue concerning the company is bound to trend.

11.  Previously, Uber has been involved in the same practice. During the Sydney siege, for instance, Uber suspended a price surge. Its recent actions only fueled more dissatisfaction among customers and drivers associated with the company.

12.  Social media is becoming a forum for activism, with different groups using it to call for change or voice their frustration. By getting the DeleteUber hashtag to trend, irate people from around the world were effecting the change they want to see.

13.  Given the high number of people affected by trumps action, it was inevitable that millions of people would be interested in the campaign against Uber’s perceived support of Trump.

14.  Uber has courted controversy in the past, and with so many people already upset by the company’s practices and attitude towards customers and drivers, the recent controversy was bound to attract the interest of many people on Twitter.

15.  Trump’s policies and ideas have in the past attracted a lot of interest from dissatisfied people around the world. Any perceived support of his actions, particularly by a company the size of Uber was bound to attract a lot of attention, hence the trend.

16.  Once word got out about Uber’s decision to suspend price surge, various media outlets highlighted the news, hence fuelling more interest in the matter. This got the story trending on Twitter.

17.  The unprecedented success of Uber has attracted lots of enemies and competition. Any controversy associated with the company arouses fierce backlash from millions of people around the world.

18.  While the larger Twitter community was made angry by Uber’s actions, there are those who felt that the company had not done wrong. With these differing opinions, the issue attracted more interest.

19.  While Uber issued a statement to show their support for drivers affected by the travel ban, their action to continue services at JFK during the strike painted their actions as hypocritical, which stirred more anger among customers and got them talking even more.

20.  Kalanick’s post on Facebook popularized the controversy among the millions of Facebook users that read the post. As lots of Facebook users also have Twitter accounts, the issue could only attract lots of interest on Twitter too.

21.  Consumers in America and elsewhere were irritated by Uber’s actions to make money by associating with the Trump administration. Any perceived support for his policies is bound to create a stir in the market.

22.  Matters of race, religion, and terror are very sensitive. Trump issuing a ban that was perceived to be racist was bound to attract a lot of attention, hence the anti-Uber campaign on Twitter.

23.  People who started the #DeleteUber campaign started posting photos of the ‘delete’ screen on their phones. This caused more interest on the matter as consumers proved they were serious regarding deleting their Uber accounts.

24.  Trump’s decision affects many families, some of whom are Uber drivers stuck in the US and outside for the 90 days during which the ban will be in place. Any perceived support for his actions caused swift condemnation from these families and the public in general.

25.   Whether the strike was effective or merely an inconvenience to cab users was a central issue to the discussion, with some Twitter users questioning the logic of discontinuing services as a protest to a terrible legislation.