25 Reasons to Get Your Google AdWords Certification in 2017


25 Reasons to Get Your Google AdWords Certification in 2017   

In the modern era, AdWords is the most important tool that a marketer can have. However, only a small fraction of marketers bother to get AdWords certification. If you are just getting into online marketing, this might be one of the most crucial certificates to consider.

Here are the main reasons to consider the certification:

1.  Google itself will train you. Thus, it makes you a bona fide expert, unlike most marketers on the internet who cannot claim to have such recognition.

2.  You will impress your customers. The reason is that Google will endorse your skills, and you will thus have a good chance of expanding your clientele.

3.  It allows you to grow your expertise on other SEO tools. All Google SEO tools are interconnected, during training, you will get to learn more about them.

4.  Google algorithm changes quite often. The result is that knowledge from other sources may not contain all the crucial details for AdWords optimization that Google can provide.

5.  It allows you to better your skills because the certification expires every two years. Thus, you will always have the most relevant skills at your fingertips.

6.  You will join the Google AdWords professional search. It is a tool that was recently introduced by Google to help advertisers find certified professionals. By not being included in this list you could miss out on some good opportunities.

7.  You can cheat on the test. As of now, Google allows you to search the Google support pages during the test. Thus, there is little chance of you failing.

8.  It allows you to gauge how good you are at being a marketer. If you fail this test, it might be a good time to start sharpening your AdWords marketing skills.

9.  The test will help you get the best ROI for the money you spend on each campaign.

10.  It allows you to understand how to use all of the tools that are included in Google AdWords. Thus, your clients will approach you next time they have a project.

11.  The exam is free. If you cannot find any other reason to do it, the fact that you do not pay should be the reason to sit for the exam.

12.  It helps boost your credibility among small clients. They are weary of how they spend their money, and any proof that you can provide to bring some assurance of your services helps them gain trust in you.

13.  You can display it on your blog. Thus, potential clients will develop trust in you. It makes it easy for you to sell any products that may be on your blog.

14.  There is a growing demand for PPC advertising, but so is the competition for clients. Certification gives you an edge over the competition.

15.  There are plenty of resources online to help you ace the test. Many marketers who have taken the test and passed now offer to conduct training to new marketers who want to pass the test. It is an opportunity for you to learn from the best.

16.  It introduces you to other Google SEO tools. At times, there may be new tools that help boost SEO which you may not have come across yet.

17.  You do not need a lot of time to prepare for the test. Thus, you can pick one of those days when the workflow is low and prepare for the test. You could be ready in a week or less.

18.  Digital marketing is one of the fastest-growing job markets. By having the right certification, it puts you in a favorable position to advance quite fast.

19.  You do not need any special qualification to sit for the exam. Anyone can sit for the test and become a certified expert no matter their background.

20.  There are plenty of articles praising Google Certified Partners online. Thus, if you have the certification, you are likely to benefit from the free promotion that certified marketers provide on the internet.

21.  It helps you to stay in Google’s good books by learning which black hat techniques to avoid. Although you may know about the general bad practices, you will learn intricate details that could be lowering your ranking even by just one.

22.  It looks good for your agency. Google allows you to display the badge on your site, which lowers the bounce rate to your site. Ensure that you utilize this feature on your site at all times.

23.  You will get access to a Google+ group, which is only accessible to certified partners. You will benefit from tips from marketers who may have more knowledge than you.

24.  You will receive personal contact from Google. It is quite important to have such contact especially when you require urgent support from the Google team.

25.  You will get access to Google seminars if you are a certified partner. Google will send you invites to seminars whenever they are available. Thus, you will receive personalized training that can assist you to advance your skills and soar above other marketers quite fast.