25 Reasons Why Graphic Designers Should Play Fire Emblem


25 Reasons Why Graphic Designers Should Play Fire Emblem   

The brainchild of Intelligent Systems in conjunction with Nintendo, Fire Emblem is among the crème-de la-crème of RPG games. With titles going back to over a decade ago, the game has amassed a cultic following courtesy of its quality and other attractive attributes. If you are a graphic designer who has not joined the bandwagon yet, below are 25 reasons why you should try out the game.

For graphic design inspiration

Fire Emblem is well put together with excellent graphic schemes that can inspire fantastic designs in the hands of a capable designer.

It is fun

The whole point of a game is having a good time; the rest is secondary. As the games cultic following can prove, the game is lots of fun.

High quality

If there is a game that highlights the value of quality in achieving success, Fire Emblem would be it.

It is engaging

It is very easy to get lost in the game for hours at a time. Fire Emblem can make you forget life’s pressures courtesy of the engrossing gameplay.

It requires practice

From graphic design to programming or any other career option, practice is paramount in perfecting performance. In Fire Emblem, smooth gameplay calls for practice, but the practice in itself is fun.

It is challenging

Just as some design projects are challenging, Fire Emblem is challenging, and it promotes in-depth thinking – a skill that is invaluable to developers.

Encourages out-of-the-box thinking

Unconventional thinking is responsible for the majority of inventions. It is not only a priceless skill to graphic designers but also to anyone with the desire to excel at what they do.

Trains on strategy development

Without a sound strategy, it is impossible to succeed in playing Fire Emblem. As such, it encourages proper planning and scheming which can help a designer fine-tune his trade.

It highlights the importance of dynamism

Dynamism breaks the monotony and it is the foundation stone of engaging products. Fire Emblem is very dynamic with many interesting aspects that stimulate the mind.

It incorporates realism

Features like permanent death, where dead characters cannot be revived make the game more realistic, as well as challenging.

Promotes on the spot thinking

Otherwise called fluid intelligence, it is the ability to solve problems on the go. As any designer knows, no project ever goes entirely according to plan and the capacity to figure out solutions on the spot is precious.

Sharpens hand-eye coordination

Graphic design is coding at its core and coding requires deft coordination of the hands and the eyes. Like many other quality RPG games, Fire Emblem does a lot in improving coordination.

Promotes interaction

You can interact with other players during gameplay and in themed festivals. This way, you can even generate leads besides making acquaintances you have something in common with.

It is a great game for beneficial recreation

If you are looking for a game that will help you relax while sharpening some of your design skills, Fire Emblem is one of the best options out there.

It has many alternate story lines

To cater for different types of people and varied tastes and preferences, Fire Emblem has many alternate story lines. Abundance of options is also critical in graphic design as projects should be engineered to cater to a broad audience.

It is progressive

Though stimulatingly challenging, the game is also progressive enough to get you hooked.

Massive fan base

If you desire to belong, Fire Emblem’s huge fan hood will be an excellent fit.


The fact that it is a Nintendo game means that portability is in the cards. All you need is your console, and you can play wherever you are when you need to blow off some steam.

Immersive narrative

Fire-emblems narratives are very immersive, and they will just rope you in; in fact, the game is quite.

It incorporates relationships

During gameplay (in recent titles), a man and a woman can develop a relationship and get a child who gets special powers. The game, therefore, highlights the importance and benefits of cultivating relationships in the professional world.

It requires attention to detail

Graphic design calls for attention to detail: a skill that is also necessary to achieve resounding success in playing Fire Emblem.

It is a flexible game

The range of options regarding narratives, characters, weapons, etc., promote flexibility. It is, therefore, hardly possible to get bored during gameplay. Flexibility and responsivity are critical in developing effective designs.

It has both classic and current titles

For a trip back in time, grab one of the older titles to see what classic graphic design was all about. On the other hand, the current titles are ultra-modern.

It is easy to get started

With many titles in the franchise, most think that it is hard to get started which is a fallacy. It is possible to start off with any title and catch up quickly.

It is one of the best RPG games

Fire Emblem is simply one of the best RPGs quality-wise, design-wise, and also gameplay-wise. As a graphic designer, it would be a crime to miss out on such an all-around great franchise.

The fact that Fire Emblem was around in the classic ages of gaming is testament enough that it has an undeniable appeal. Now, it is more popular than ever which only points out that Intelligent Systems has been improving the franchise with every title. It is certainly a must-try game for designers as well as gaming enthusiasts.