25 Reasons Why Graphic Designers Should Play League of Legends


25 Reasons Why Graphic Designers Should Play League of Legends

Arguably the biggest multiplayer online battle arena game, it is played by a massive 67 million people monthly! If you have been looking for an intriguing game that has the potential to sharpen your graphic designing skills and teach you valuable life lessons, then League of Legends, otherwise abbreviated as (LOL) is the answer.

Below are 25 reasons why League of Legends is precisely the game to play as a Graphic Designer

It has great graphics

League of Legends has excellent graphics. From the landscapes and the battle arenas to the characters and weaponry, you could borrow a leaf from the game to enhance your finesse.

It is challenging

There is nothing easy in life and League of Legends can teach you that first hand. It is challenging enough to hook you, but not so difficult that it frustrates you.

It will boost your creativity

League of Legends is thought-provoking, and you have to be creative to advance in the game.

It requires organization

To birth a big graphic design project and take it all the way to the finish line demands proper organization. League of Legends will go a long way in teaching you how to properly organize your resources.

It will teach to process lots of information

The first time you play the game; the sheer volume of information you have to process concurrently will amaze you. With time, however, you will become splendid at it.

It will improve your Patience

Progressing through LOL can be painstakingly slow, but the results are worth it. It is one game that will teach you how to be patient.

The value of quality

Playing League of Legends will show you how valuable it is to have quality standards in whatever project you undertake.

How to be strategic

League of Legends is a strategy game, and so is life and graphic designing. It will foster in you the spirit of utilizing well thought-out strategies to conquer whatever you face.

It will boost your fluid intelligence

Liquid intelligence is the ability to come up with solutions on the go. Being a war game, League of Legends will enhance your fluid intelligence.

It will foster discipline

League of Legends is addictive. If you are not careful, you may end up wasting lots of time playing the game. With this game, you simply have to be disciplined.


No man is an island, and most projects of significance require collaboration. League of Legends will teach you the worth of having a functional team.

It is competitive

Life is competitive, and competition facilitates excellence. LOL is very competitive

It will cultivate the desire to win

League of Legends will cultivate in you a winning spirit and motivate you to replicate the same in life.

The value of role-model

In League of Legends, you will have to obtain a role model, someone you can learn from to improve your skills and advance rapidly.

How to deal with difficult people

As a graphic designer, it is inevitable to come across demanding clients. Playing League of Legends will get you into the habit of dealing with difficult teammates.

The importance of having a system

The game is well designed based on a quality system. It will show you how easy life and your work can be if you have a functional working system.

It is fun

Everyone needs to have some fun every once in a while, and League of Legends is fun.

It is relaxing

The game can help you forget all your troubles for a while and adequately prime your mind to focus better once you resume working.

It will improve concentration

To successfully play League of Legends; your concentration will have to be at a maximum.

You will meet new people

Out of the 67million people that play the game each month, you can be sure to meet loads of new people and make new friendships.

You will get new ideas

The exposure the game accords you will better frame your mind to generate new design ideas that may take your career to the next level.

It will foster a no-quit attitude in you

The challenging nature of the game means that at some point, you may feel like quitting. However, if you stick the course, you will reap the rewards and be glad you did not quit.

It is intriguing

League of Legends is captivating – 67 million people cannot be wrong.

It will cultivate diligence

To achieve any meaningful progress in the game, you will have to be diligent. The same holds true in life and in any substantial design project you may undertake.

The value of timing and planning

League of Legends requires planning and impeccable timing to boost the rate of your success. It will help you appreciate the value proper planning and sticking to time schedules.

Any game is about having fun and enjoying yourself. As much as the game can teach you a lot and instill helpful character traits, do not forget that it is all about having a good time.