25 Reasons Why I’d Recommend Local PPC as a Promising Career for Millennials


25 Reasons Why I’d Recommend Local PPC as a Promising Career for Millennials

A decade or so ago, the PPC sector was budding; it has now blossomed into an industry full of opportunities and promise. It has managed to replace a big chunk of localized marketing such as the yellow pages, and its growth rate is set to continue into the foreseeable future. For the millennials in limbo, wondering which career path to undertake, local PPC offers a solid option. Below are 25 reasons why I would recommend local PPC as a promising career for millennials.

PPC is relatively new

The local PPC industry is fairly new as search engine marketing itself has been around for only about fifteen years.

Not crowded

Since local PPC is still nascent, it is not overcrowded which makes it easy for newbies joining the industry to chart their paths and leave a mark.

Many opportunities

The internet is still young, and it is already rivaling T.V, radio, print media and other traditional marketing strategies. A career in PPC will put you in pole position to take advantage of the resultant opportunities.

A fast developing industry

Local PPC offers a golden opportunity to be part of the rapidly developing, cutting-edge, Internet-based marketing; the very thing that millennials most identify with.

Offers a challenge

Millennials love a challenge, and local PPC provides the right kind of challenge to keep boredom at bay.

It is not backbreaking

Some careers are literally backbreaking. Fortunately, local PPC is challenging without being discouragingly hard.

It is fun

A career in local PPC is fun, especially if you choose to set up your team or be part of a team


The local PPC industry is ever changing. Every Google algorithm update slightly changes the rules of the game; hence, recurrent opportunities are the norm.

Calls for innovation

Local PPC will free your imagination and fuel your creativity as you seek to come up with better website designs, and more functional methods to get client sites to rank first.


Search engine marketing as a whole is interesting. The fact that it is new and dynamic means that compelling aspects that capture the mind are aplenty.

Learn new skills

The dynamism of the industry means that you will have to be on toes and keep on learning new skills as the market evolves.

Learn more about your area

A career in local PPC will give you the opportunity to find out more about the business landscape of your area. With time, you will be an expert on how companies in your area function.

Reasonable pay

Search engine marketing including local PPC offers reasonable pay that you can comfortably live on.

Visible results

Dealing with PPC is satisfying as you directly see the fruit of your labor. You are not just part of an intricate system that leaves you wondering how meaningful your contribution is.

Easy to start

A career in PPC is easy to start. You do not need experience (though it could come in handy) or ivy league education. You only need passion.

You can choose not to work for anybody

If you are familiar with how local PPC works, you can start your business right away with only a laptop and internet connection.

You will be an expert at something

With time, you will build a name and become an expert. In today’s world, experts, no matter the field, are in high demand.

You can work anywhere

If you decide to go solo and establish your business, you can work from anywhere provided you have your laptop and internet connection.

Many niches to choose from

You may start off will PPC, but the search engine marketing industry has lots of niches that you may decide to venture into and make a name for yourself.

Grow local businesses

There is nothing as fulfilling as watching a business start from scratch and playing your part in making it a success. Local PPC will give you the chance to do exactly that.

Give back to the community

In line with helping local businesses find their footing, you will also be giving back to the community. Many jobs do not have such a privilege.

Create jobs

By helping grow local businesses, you will be playing your part in reducing unemployment by empowering enterprises to hire more.

Learn discipline

With freedom and flexibility, discipline becomes paramount. A career in local PPC will force you to work on self-control.


Local PPC will give you an opportunity to network will businesses and people in your area. Such a network can come in handy and expose to unprecedented opportunities.

Conduct personal marketing campaigns

If you ever decide to venture into business, the cost of marketing will be diminished since you will be capable of doing it yourself.

A career in local PPC is bound to be exciting. The best part about it is that it will place you at the forefront of internet development – and the internet is 21st century’s frontier for work, interaction, and play.