25 reasons why I’d recommend social media as a promising career for millennials


25 reasons why I’d recommend social media as a promising career for millennials 

The digital age has opened up many career paths for millennials and social media stands as one of the biggest hubs that has developed from the digital revolution. When talking about the internet, social media platforms are the standout platforms that are considered and this indicates their huge impact and reach within the millennial generation. Social media thus manifests as a promising career that when taken up can guarantee posterity. 25 reasons I’d recommend social media as a career include:

Biggest communication hub

Social media has surpassed all other forms of communication to emerge as the best avenue for communication which indicates the extensive reach it has.

It pays well

Social media managers and marketing professionals are making as much as graphic designers and developers which makes a career in social media a lucrative venture.

Easier to capture audience

Marketing and targeted advertising are easier to implement on social media since it is possible to capture the audience with unique approach which translates to a larger marketplace.

Biggest outreach

When considering marketing brand development or even the simple communication, social media has the biggest outreach which means more people are impacted by the platforms.

It is essential to everyday living

The millennials are taking up social media and the interaction therein as a core mode of communication which means it is and will remain essential which directs to endless opportunities.

Trending way of networking

No other digital platform offers the extensive networking possibilities provided by social media which means more professionals are being sought to perfect the network and this translates to an engaging career.

It’s engaging

As opposed to other career opportunities, social media is engaging since one gets to interact and learn while on the job which makes for a perfect career.

It’s not restrictive

With social media, a professional gets to expand the horizon and learn new aspects as well as experiment on new avenues which is perfect for growth.

Professionals get to research interesting angles

A career in social media will ultimately demand that one is able to learn what the target audience needs and how the same is structured which requires research on client behavior and the interesting angles of approach.

Creating trends

Social media encourages the creation of unique avenues for reaching out to the target audience which ultimately leads to the creation of trends that personify a career.

Brand development

It is possible to develop a brand using social media in a seamless and cost effective manner which is an aspect that companies pay top dollar for.

Avenue for other opportunities

Being a professional in social media gives one the opportunity of venturing into other professionals including affiliate programs and marketing options.

Way of learning

An outstanding way to learn on the digital platform is to target a career in social media since it inculcates the spirit of exploring and finding new solutions.

Allows innovation

Innovation is one of the virtues cultivated when one takes up a career in social media since a professional is always required to be a step ahead and learn new ways of customization and approach.

Interactive communities

If there is a career that offers an interactive community to learn and harness knowledge from is social media. The interactive communities are always ready to assist and aid in the learning experience.

Seamless broadcasting

Among the effective attributes of social media is seamless broadcasting which works well from brands and advertising. A career in social media will surely guarantee projects with big players that crave publicity.

Use of digital media

Apart from professions in the form of graphic design and web development, fewer careers offer an individual the chance to utilize digital media the way social media does which is a plus for millennials.

Varied use settings

Having a career in social media will ultimately guarantee that one is viable to handle varied dockets within an organization including marketing, support centers and communication hubs.

Strategic experimentation

With social media, there is every opportunity to implement strategic experimentation aimed at understanding the target audience to optimize services which is an aspect that companies always target.

Bond with target market

A career in social media places one in an enviable position of being able to bond with the target market and get insights on how to structure services.

Immediate feedback

Companies always desire immediate feedback that will enable them make necessary adjustments and a career in social media will open one up to lucrative positions in such companies due to the interactions with target audience.

Data collection

Building a career in social media can lead to the structuring of data collection processes which can then be sold to the interested parties and companies that need the data for service provision.


As a social media professional with a significant following that companies target, an individual can be paid to structure surveys that will reveal preferences that the target market has.

Purchasing power concentration

The generation with the purchasing power utilizes social media to search for items, research and even make the purchases and this means that social media is a valuable asset to business and transactions.

It is a marketable profession

With most industries beginning to understand the power of social media, an individual with a career in social media is bound to be marketable.