25 Reasons Why your PPC Isn’t Working


25 Reasons Why your PPC Isn’t Working 

Due to PPC’s immediate results compared to other cheaper but long term strategies such as SEO, PPCs have their special place in marketing campaigns. However, due to related policies and a myriad of other issues, ads may fail to show or convert as you would want. Below are 25 reasons that may be behind your PPC not working.

Expired billing

If your billing is expired, your ads will not show. You can check manually in your portal; alternatively, check whether you have received an email notification regarding the same.

Pausing due to poor performance

Your campaign may have been halted due to poor performance. You should log into your portal to figure out if this is the case.

Pausing due to time limit

You might be checking whether your ads are showing outside the period you have specified. Consequently, they will not show.

Limited budget

If your campaign is on a limited budget, Google tries to spread it across the day to increase productivity, and you may, therefore, find that your ads are not showing.

Exhausted budget

If your daily budget has been exhausted, your ads will not show. The remedy is to increase your budget.

Locational ads

You may be checking for locational ads when you are outside the specified location. Check for the locations you have specified your ads to show up in.

Excluded IP

You IP may be excluded especially in an office setting to avoid inflation of impressions. Log into your AdWords portal and navigate to blocked IPs to see if you are blocked.

Negative keyword conflict

Your negative keywords may be in conflict with part of your keywords in which case your keywords may not be triggered. You can troubleshoot this issue by running the diagnostics tool.

Exact match negative keywords

If any of your negative keywords exactly match the keywords you want to show, your ad will not be triggered. You can check out if this is the issue by running the diagnostics tool.

Poor keyword choice

Poor keyword choice reduces your ROI which reduces the efficacy of your campaigns. Make sure you use well-researched high-efficacy keywords.

Keywords that are not conversion oriented

Some keywords hardly result in conversions. Go for keywords that people more likely to purchase use; avoid general keywords.

Keywords that flout policy

If any of your keywords do not adhere to set policies, they will not work. Review your keywords and make sure they adhere to all stipulations.

Your keywords are disallowed

Google forbids some keywords. Your PPC will not work if you are using such keywords. You can easily see in your portal if any of your keywords are disallowed.

Capitalizing entire advert text

If you capitalize the whole ad text, your ads will not show. Make sure your ad text is formatted correctly.

Repetition in advert text

Lots of repetition will cause your ads to fail to show. Make your ad text concise and avoid repetition.

Poor punctuation

Advert text should be properly punctuated and adhere to all grammar rules. Otherwise, you will have issues with your PPC.

Targeting similar keywords in different ad groups

If you target alike keywords that belong to different ad groups, your ads may fail to show. This can be overcome by “triangulation.”

Not putting enough work into your account

To maximize ROI, you should dedicate some time each week to work on your account. Between fifteen to thirty minutes is enough to optimize your campaigns.

Not adding extensions to your ads

Failure to add extensions reduces the efficacy of your PPC. It should be one of the things you work on consistently in your account.

Not setting negative keywords

Negative keywords significantly enhance keyword relevance. Failure to set negative keywords frequently reduces the efficacy and impact of your campaign.

Low quality landing page

If you send your PPC traffic to poor-quality landing pages, the conversion rate, and ROI will suffer accordingly.

Lack of enough landing pages

Ideally, you should have unique landing pages customized as to each keyword to maximize conversions. Sending all your traffic to one page is not advisable, and it may be the reason why your PPC is not performing.

Lack of mobile optimization

Failure to cash in on mobile traffic by optimizing your PPC ads may be the reason why your ads are underperforming.

Irrelevant ads

If your ads show for irrelevant keywords such as a shoe ad showing when one searches for pumps, the ad may not show. Use negative keywords to make your keywords super-relevant.

Making a sales pitch immediately

Most people need repeat exposure to purchase. Your landing pages should not be all about pushing products down visitor’s throats. Take up a softer approach to slowly prime your guests into buying.

The key with PPC is choosing the right keywords and putting in work in your account to optimize results. If you combine that with quality, user oriented website and landing pages, you will enjoy a high ROI on your PPC ads.