25 reasons why PPC specialists should play Pokémon


25 reasons why PPC specialists should play Pokémon       

As a PPC specialist, it is of crucial importance that the approach to focusing on the target audience is captured with an acute sense of involvement. This can only be captured if the right balance is achieved in understanding what the target audience is all about and how they relate. With that in mind, here are 25 reasons why all PPC specialists should play Pokémon.

Structuring Local PPC

Local PPC has been a major issue for PPC specialists but with the way Pokémon has had success with local targeting, effective lessons and tricks are sure to be learnt.

Interaction with target audience

A PPC specialist understands the value of interacting with the target audience and playing Pokémon is one way to get into the spheres of the intended market and understand how they relate.

Discovering exposure mechanisms

Pokémon had been in existence before but the way it was re-introduced caused a buzz and this is what PPC specialists need to learn when managing marketing campaigns.

Internalizing marketing angles

By playing Pokémon, a PPC specialist can be able to get a few ideas regarding marketing angles that are successful and how to integrate the same into a marketing campaign.

Taking advantage of a fun element

Pokémon as a game has taken advantage of a fun setting and transformed it into a workable medium for marketers and businesses and PPC specialists need to learn how to take advantage in the same wavelength.

Keeping the target audience engaged

Pokémon has arguably been the best when it comes to keeping the target audience engaged and interested and PPC professionals can do well to learn some tricks in relation to that.

Discovering how to create a connection

Pokémon Go is all about the connection a player creates with the game and a PPC professional can learn a lot in terms of how to create and manage such connections.

Rising to the challenge

PPC specialists are required to go above and beyond in optimization and playing Pokémon is a way of trying to figure out the custom opportunities that can aid them rise to the challenge.

Effective targeting

The orientation of Pokestops and Pokémon can enable a PPC specialist learn how to structure effective targeting that will attract the target audience.

Understanding value of organic following

Playing Pokémon is a sure way for PPC specialists to understand the value and power that an organic following has when it comes to marketing campaigns.

Making a campaign a point of interest

PPC is focused on making a business a point of interest and PPC professionals playing Pokémon can take home some ideas in line with how Pokémon has structured points of interest.

Taking chances

Just like the developers of Pokémon did by taking a chance with the classic game and transforming it into a phenomenon, PPC specialists playing the game can learn a lesson or two about taking chances.

Learning to drive a viral element

Pokémon got ahead of the all-time record for gamers in its very first week of being online and PPC specialists will do well to ensure they understand how to drive a viral element and manage the same.

Tapping into entertainment forum

With most PPC professionals focusing on optimizing their marketing campaigns to have a natural fit, Pokémon offers a few lessons on how to use an entertainment platform to target the market.

Understanding the power of mystery

PPC specialists are always charged with creating an element that will resonate with the target audience and lead sales and Pokémon provides a standard platform for them to learn how to create positive mystery.

Internalizing packaged elements

Pokémon players get to experience Pokestops that provide packaged elements and a PPC specialist can learn how to create a package that will appeal to the target audience.

Understanding mobile optimization

PPC specialists always strive to understand how they can optimize for mobile handsets and playing Pokémon is one way of learning how the developers were able to achieve the same.

Exploring opportunities

Opportunities in marketing manifest with some effort in exploration and PPC specialists playing Pokémon are better placed to explore and identify gaps in the marketing chain.

Gaining familiarity in advertising platform

Since Pokémon offers businesses the chance to be hotspots, a PPC specialist playing the game can gain familiarity with the advertising pathway and learn some valuable lessons.

Discovering the power of social spheres

All PPC specialists have one wish which is to take advantage of the social sphere to market products and businesses and Pokémon offers peculiar insights.

Demographic focus

Demographic targeting is a factor many PPC professionals fail in but playing Pokémon can be a learning curve that will provide an opportunity to discover how the developers of the game did the same.


With Gym Battles now a trending feature, Pokémon offers a networking platform and PPC specialists can utilize the game in learning how to optimize for perfect networking.

Harnessing the creative side

Since Pokémon is intriguing and full of mystery, PPC specialists playing the game can trigger their creative side and therefore deliver innovative solutions.

Structuring incentives

Pokémon Go players are offered varied incentives during the playing period and a PPC specialist can pick an idea on how to structure incentives for the target audience.

How to manage lures

PPC is all about luring the target audience and the lures within Pokémon are a perfect platform for PPC specialists to understand how to manage what attracts the potential clients.