25 Reasons Social Media Marketing Really Works


25 Reasons Social Media Marketing Really Works 

Social media sites and platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Tinder and the like get billions of hits daily. Any business that ignores platforms attracting such mind-boggling human traffic is missing out on golden opportunities. Below are 25 reasons why social media marketing really works.

Brand building

Social media marketing is one of the cheapest and most efficient ways of building a brand. It is like having a direct line to millions of people.

Building brand familiarity

The massive traffic social sites attract is proof enough that social media marketing is one of the best tools out there for building brand familiarity.

Establishing a community around your brand

Social media makes it possible to develop a family-like community around a brand.

Building brand loyalty

Social media is one of the best channels for building brand loyalty by engaging audiences with day to day company activities that benefit the community.

Building trust

Social sites give businesses the opportunity to cultivate trust with their audiences. This confidence directly translates to leads since people only buy from brands they trust.

Quality interaction

There is no difference between communicating on social media and communicating via email, SMS, etc. This in-depth interaction model offers enterprises a golden opportunity to engage and appeal to audiences.

Offers different interaction channels

Social media marketing makes it possible to interact with audiences through text, pictures, video, music, etc. which makes it a very useful advertising tool.

Helps companies determine client needs

The personal structure of social media makes it easier for businesses to anticipate customer needs hence offering what the market demands.

Consistent exposure

Social media marketing is one of the cheapest ways of achieving constant brand exposure to audiences and repeat exposure works. Otherwise, billboards would not be in use.

Competent authority tool

Through social media, an enterprise can build authority in a particular niche and create a resounding online presence.

Popularity of social influencers

Many companies are making use of social influencers to sell products to their loyal followers which is clear proof that social media marketing works.

Allows for targeted advertising

Advertising expenses pile up with increased targeting. Social media marketing offers cheap targeted advertising based on age, occupation, education, sex, etc.

Traffic generation

Social media is one of the most potent channels for traffic generation and in any online business, increased traffic equals to more revenue.

Lead generation

71 percent of adults between ages 18 and 34 are more likely to recommend a service or product after good social media services.

Improved SEO ranking

An active social media presence bumps up social rankings immensely as per Google’s algorithms hence driving more organic traffic to websites.

All companies are doing it

Multinationals do not make moves without proper research and consultation. The fact that over 90% of mainstream brands have invested in a social media presence should count for something.

The popularity of affiliate marketers

Over 70% of affiliate marketers get the majority of their clients and leads from social media which is more evidence that social media marketing is no hoax.

Competitive edge

Social media marketing gives businesses a competitive advantage over competitors with a weaker social presence.

The success of social media marketing campaigns

There are numerous examples of successful social media marketing campaigns that have gone “viral” and thrust brands into the limelight overnight.

Money making tool for social sites

Social media marketing is a major revenue earner for social sites. It would not be so if social media was an ineffective marketing tool.

Popularity of paid advertising

The popularity of paid advertising campaigns on platforms such as Tinder points out the efficacy of social media marketing. Companies are willing to fork out obscene amounts of money to get a chance to advertise on some social sites.

Social sites continue to venture into more paid campaign methods

Social media websites continue to invest more in developing new ways of carrying out paid campaigns meaning that they work. Otherwise, such investments would not be justified.

High return on investment

Social media marketing has a high ROI. If it were not so, companies would not be lining up to pay social media sites to actualize custom advertising campaigns.


It is only through social media that “Newsjacking” is possible. It is the hijacking of news: for example, when a news channel mentions a company, and the company responds through social media and integrates some of its products and services into the response to get leads.

Wide reach

Social media has a wider reach compared to other advertising channels. It would be impossible for any company to lack people interested in buying its products with such vast audiences at its disposal.

The truth is that social media is here to stay. In fact, it steadily continues to grow. It is paramount that any business interested in securing its future puts effort into developing a sound social media presence.