25 Reasons Tips for Google AdWords Remarketing


25 Reasons Tips for Google AdWords Remarketing       

Cookies help identify site visitors including what they did on your online platform. Remarketing is simply the use of this identifying tactic to remarket to audiences who visit but do not convert. Otherwise called retargeting, the fact that 56% of companies use it is evidence enough of its efficiency. Below are 25 reasons and tips for AdWords remarketing.

Reasons for Remarketing

To promote brand loyalty

Remarketing is a great way to encourage customers to purchase again through offers, bonuses, etc. In this manner, it can help an enterprise boost customer loyalty and gain repeat customers.

To increase brand exposure

People are more likely to buy from brands they have been exposed to for a period as opposed to unfamiliar brands. Retargeting provides a channel for repeat exposure that fosters brand familiarity.

To create solid leads

First-time visitors are often hesitant when it comes to purchasing. Retargeting can help convince such audiences to purchase through subtle priming.

Re-engage audiences

One of the best ways to make a memorable impression is through engagement and remarketing is the only way to engage with audiences who left your platform without taking the desired action.

Acquire feedback

Retargeting can help an enterprise get helpful feedback concerning marketing and product elements that can be improved on to increase efficacy.

Promote complementary products

If a visitor buys a pair of pants and shoes, there is reason to believe that the customer may also be interested in a matching belt. Retargeting avails the channel to promote complementary products.

Increase conversions

Statistics clearly prove that remarketing boosts conversions considerably. If it were not so, 56% of companies would not be engaging in the practice.

To maximize ad efficacy

Incidentally, according to statistics, only an average of 5% of visitors make a purchase on the first visit. Failure to remarket, therefore, results in the colossal loss of 95% of visitors (potential customers).

It is cheap

While the cost-per-click of obtaining first-time visitors may be north of $2, the CPC of retargeting is usually as low as $.50. Coupled with the fact that it is more effective, then, remarketing becomes a no brainer.

To increase R.O.I

Since remarketing offers a handy way to prime a large percentage of first-time non-purchasers; consequently, it offers an excellent way to increase ad ROI.

Increase the lifetime value of gained clients

Engagement and targeting are more likely to result in loyal return customers who may end up becoming lifetime customers provided quality of services does not deteriorate.

Offers a way to target competitor clients

Remarketing offers a way to poach customers from competitors by adjusting what you offer to fulfill client needs that competitors did not address.

Exposure to a variety of Ads

Exposure to the same ad repeatedly can be annoying, retargeting offers an avenue to expose potential clients to a variety of compelling ads.

Content marketing

Over 50% of willing buyers first do research by considering reviews and recommendations. Remarketing, therefore, can help one provide appropriate content that will inspire a purchase.

Collect helpful data

Remarketing is an excellent way to follow up on different types of visitors hence accumulating helpful data that can be used to fine-tune marketing decisions.

Remarketing Tips

Tag the pages that convert

By using analytics, determine the landing pages that convert most and retarget the related audience more to boost conversions.

Customize retargeting ads

If a customer was looking for phone accessories, retargeting by exposing such an individual to camera accessories will be a waste resources. With remarketing, customize the ads; otherwise, it will be a waste of resources.

Use YouTube

YouTube offers a great way to vary content. Moreover, video content is more consumable, and videos are an excellent way to serve review content.

Build different ad sizes

To increase the eligibility of retargeting ads, make them in all sizes so that they can be displayed in differently structured sites

Link your AdWords account to Google play store

If an app is part of your service, linking your AdWords and Play Store accounts will give you the opportunity to nudge people who have not used your app for a while to check in again.

Use dynamic remarketing

You can use dynamic remarketing by simply uploading custom feeds in the business data section in AdWords to boost appeal and dynamism of your retargeting ads.

Bid lower on page visitors unlikely to purchase

By analyzing collected data, it is possible to determine the demographic of non-converting visitors. A cost-cutting strategy through placing lower bids can then be implemented.

Focus on abandoned carts/conversions

Site visitors who had commenced the conversion process are more likely to purchase if subtly nudged through remarketing. Bid more on abandoned carts/conversions.

Offers, gifts, and coupons

Offering repeat customers more value for their money is an excellent way to boost customer loyalty and convert one-time purchasers into return customers.

Have a remarketing content strategy

Hard-sell tactics only drive one-time visitors away; instead, remarket using convincing and helpful content. It is an effective way of converting lost/cold leads into hot leads.

Remarketing can be likened to the interaction between a salesman and a potential customer. It is what convinces an uncertain individual to make a purchase. If you are not investing in retargeting, you are losing a lot of leads and income.