25 Reasons Why a Trump Crackdown on Visa Programs Could Benefit Foreign Students


25 Reasons Why a Trump Crackdown on Visa Programs Could Benefit Foreign Students

The president-elect, Donald Trump, has said that cracking down on visa abuse is topmost on his agenda. Cases of companies allegedly abusing visa programs to get cheaper foreign labor have been rampant with the resultant effect being fewer job opportunities for American workers. Below are 25 reasons why a crackdown on abuse of visa programs could benefit international students.

More visa spots

More visa spots will be available for international students since a few companies will not be hogging majority of the spots so as to acquire cheaper labor.

Minimized loophole exploitation

Closing down of the loopholes in visa programs will mean that the number of permit places for foreign students will increase even further, opening up more channels for them to pursue the American dream.

Restoration of confidence in the visa allotment system

Cleaning up of the visa allocation system will restore faith in the entire process. Consequently, all beneficiaries including foreign students will be deemed as legitimate.

Improved perception

The number of illegitimate visa allocations will be greatly reduced which will improve the perception surrounding beneficiaries of visa programs including foreign students.

Genuine competition

The curbing of backdoor visa acquisition will mean that foreign students will only have to contend with authentic and fair competition.

Equality in visa allocation

The restoration of integrity in visa programs will mean that all foreign students applying for visas to study and work in the U. S will be certain of equality throughout the process.

Better public image

Beneficiaries of visa programs will enjoy a better public image.

Less stereotyping

In line with a better public image, stereotyping of international students will reduce considerably which will enrich their stay in the U.S.

Less suspicion

The suspicion surrounding foreign students by authorities as well the public will be a thing of the past once integrity in visa programs is restored.

Better treatment by authorities

In line with reduced levels of suspicion and a better public image, foreign students will be treated better by authorities.

Less deportations

Immigrant Deportations, which taint the image the U.S public have concerning visa programs, will reduce significantly.

Ease of securing employment

With improved perception, more companies will have the confidence to hire foreign students once they are done with studies.

Job market equality

Foreign students will benefit from increased equality when looking for employment since they will be seen as worthy and similar to their American counterparts.

Equality in resource access

Once deemed to be in the country through genuine channels, foreign students, and all visa program beneficiaries will enjoy equality in accessing all public resources.

Better treatment by higher learning institutions

The confirmed legitimacy of foreign students will mean that universities and all other related institutions will treat them better.

Better pay

Illegitimate beneficiaries of current visa programs are willing to take lesser pay. With the restoration of integrity in the systems, this will be a thing of the past and foreign students will enjoy similar salaries to bona fide American workers.

Better working conditions

Backdoor student immigrants are willing to work in squalid conditions. With the sealing of visa program loopholes, all foreign students will enjoy better working conditions once they join the job market.

They will fit in easily

With a better public image, Americans will not feel as if international students are stealing their job opportunities and they will, therefore, be readily accepted into the society.

Reduced incidences of xenophobia

Once visa programs are cleaned up, the American public will have less xenophobia which will benefit all immigrants including foreign students.

Fewer occurrences of racism

In line with an improved public image and an accepting society, cases of international students being victims of racial abuse will reduce.

A more comfortable stay

With confidence restored in visa systems, international students will enjoy a better stay since the society as a whole will make them feel at home from the first day. Cases of foreign students facing hostility from locals will reduce.

Increased productivity

With comfort, productivity increases, and this will be the case with foreign students. They will focus better on studies and go on to be productive workers.

Better quality of life

Increased productivity directly translates to a better quality of life economically.


With legitimacy, comes freedom. International students, knowing that they are legally in the country, will feel free to express themselves.

Increased appreciation

Foreign students contribute positively to local economies. Their contribution will be better appreciated by the locals once visa programs are cleaned up, and their legitimacy confirmed.

The most significant result of a trump crackdown on abuse of visa programs will be the restoration of trust and confidence in permit allocation systems. With the virtues of trust and confidence in place, not only will international students benefit, immigrants as a whole will enjoy faster integration and acceptance by the American society.