25 reasons why Trump will implement immigration reform


25 reasons why Trump will implement immigration reform    

Much has been said of the reforms that Trump will bring along and with opinions split as to the workability and implementation mechanisms of the same, it is only a matter of time to find out if they are practical. There are however plenty of reasons for Trump to implement the immigration reforms and they include:

Securing the borders

Being able to secure the borders had been a major point across the campaign trail for Trump and implementing the immigration reforms will be a big step towards achieving that.

Creating more jobs for Americans

Cheap labor had priced away citizens from industries and as Trump declared during the campaign, immigration reforms will go a long way towards creating more jobs for Americans.

Strengthening immigration docket

The US immigration docket has been ridiculed over the recent past and the immigration reforms are sure to strengthen the docket and give it back its prestige.

Curbing terrorist activity

Terrorism has been a major problem for countries all over the world and Trump noted that immigration reforms will be the initial step the US will use to curb terrorist activity.

Fostering foreign relations

A strong immigration policy sends a strong signal of commitment and ultimate balance which means other nations will be willing and ready to support the US in its endeavors.

Need for biometric visa tracking system

The need for a biometric visa tracking system will surely be the catalyst for immigration reforms since it will introduce strict measures for Visas and the terms and conditions that govern the same.

Ensuring US has experts in the industries

A reform to the immigration policies will see the US have experts and professionals that can aid the industries come in which will be a major plus to the economy.

Protecting US industries

Native US industries were suffering with the existing immigration policies but with the proposed reforms, the industries will be protected to ensure they deliver accordingly.

Promote fair trade

Fair trade between multinational companies in the US was not easy to achieve and with Trump promising to bring fair trade, the immigration reforms are the first step towards achieving that.

Control number of undocumented Americans

The number of undocumented Americans has been rising annually and Trump noted that the proposed immigration reforms are a way of controlling the ever-rising number.

Growing the economy

Sealing the borders will mean a streamlined workforce which will, according to Trump, contribute to the greater good of growing the economy.

Shift focus to infrastructure

With the immigration docket sorted, more effort and funding will be available for infrastructure to ensure more schools, hospitals and industries are built.

Target creativity

The reforms to the immigration policies will see the creative minds afforded the chance to utilize the resources in the US which will improve the output of the industries.

Structure entrepreneurial gain

Funding and aid to the entrepreneurs was always a tricky medium to negotiate but with immigration reforms clearly defining the margins, entrepreneurial gain will manifest.

Unite US citizens

US citizens have been divided on many fronts and with Trump proposing a setup that will unite all Americans, the immigration reforms are the simple first step.

Cultivate pride and endearment

The US always relishes in being the pride of all nations and immigration reforms will see to it that the pride is restored and an example set for other nations.

Eliminate xenophobic targeting

With the influx of undocumented Americans, xenophobic targeting was a worry but the immigration reforms are sure to eliminate the vice.

Being the prime example

The US is a prime leader and having a solution to immigration flaws through the reforms is sure to be a setting that will map the country as a prime example on how to manage issues.

Tighten loopholes

Loopholes in immigration were a playing field for unscrupulous individuals but the reforms will surely tighten the gaps and ensure a streamlined system of immigration.

Clearly define citizen status

The reforms to the immigration laws are sure to be the catalyst that enables the government clearly define the citizenship of individuals in the US which is a major plus.

Ensure widespread harmony

There is nothing that breeds harmony more than good relations and loving interactions and the proposed reforms are a unique way for Trump to contribute to widespread harmony.

Eliminating unfair competition

The uncertain immigration laws were factors that led to unfair competition among businesses and individuals but with Trump promising a thriving business environment, the reforms will eliminate unfair advantage previously enjoyed.

Boosting wages

Better wages for US citizens is based on the ability of the reforms to the immigration policy to limit unlawful immigrants from disrupting the economic balance of the wage structure and Trump identified the reforms as a way of boosting the overall wage.

Protecting lawful immigrants

Lawful immigrants always faced a herculean task in trying to be self-sufficient in workplaces but with immigration reforms, they are sure to be considered equally in the face of economic development.

Running e-verify system

The adoption of the e-verify system will surely be the opening platform for immigration reforms that will limit unlawful entry and operation within the US.