25 Reasons to Use Bing Webmaster Tools


25 Reasons to Use Bing Webmaster Tools   

Since Bing launched in 2009, it has come a long way. Bing offers their users an alternative means to conduct searches. Bing is currently ranked as the second most successful search engine in the world.

Thus, if you are a marketer, you should consider using the Bing Webmaster Tools to make the most out of Bing. Here are the main reasons you should consider adding your site to Bing’s Webmaster Tools.

1.  By signing up to the Bing Webmaster tools, you will submit your sitemap to Bing. Thus, it allows Bing to crawl your site effectively.

2.  You will receive feedback from Bing on which aspects of your site you could improve by using their Webmaster tools. Consequently, your site’s ranking could improve.

3.  It allows you to do backlink analysis for free. Before BWT, SEO agencies had to rely on tools like Moz. The tool allows you to filter both external and internal links. You can examine backlinks for pages that you do not own. Thus, it makes competitive analysis easy.

4.  You are able to check which of your markups appear in search engines. It is especially useful if you have new structured data on a page, but you are unsure if the code has been placed correctly.

5.  It allows you to connect off-site properties to generate more search data. For instance, you will understand how to optimize your offsite presence on sites like YouTube or how your apps perform on the various app databases such as Android and iOS.

6.  You can pick up on SEO related errors that are hard to find. For instance, you can pick up on missing image AT attributes, and many other aspects.

7.  BWT features a Disavow tool that lets you disavow backlinks that may have a negative effect on your SEO. The tool helps you avoid being penalized for negative SEO.

8.  Bing is the second largest search engine on earth. Depending on the demographic you choose, it could be the top search engine for your target market.

9.  The Bing Webmaster Tools dashboard is more informative than the one provided by Google. It gives you insightful data about your site’s performance such as crawl errors. Pages crawled, pages indexed, inbound links and search keywords.

10.  Bing is growing. As of now, it is the search engine that powers the results of AOL and Yahoo. Thus, it has a bigger reach than you may have imagined.

11.  The BWT are an effective way for you to monitor your site’s security. Although Google WTs are good at this, they are not perfect. BWT offer an extra layer of security.

12.  Bing Webmaster Tools feature a keyword recommendation feature that helps you use keywords that are appropriate for your site.

13.  It allows you to ignore URL parameters. Without this feature, Bing could crawl pages on your site that could lead to duplicate results. Consequently, your site’s ranking could suffer.

14.  You can geo-target your site. Thus, your results will only appear in certain regions. It is crucial for getting rid of unwanted traffic to your site.

15.  If you are moving your site from one place to another, especially to another domain, ensure you have BWT to reduce the loss of traffic to your site.

16.  If you have social media accounts, you will benefit from the connected pages feature. It allows you to grow your reach by linking social media pages to your site.

17.  It has a tool that lets you remove a URL from the Bing index. Thus, it reduces the likelihood of errors on your site, which could reduce its likeability among users.

18.  It allows you to view page traffic. It can be quite useful for identifying opportunities for organic SEO. It is especially so when impressions are high, but CRT is low.

19.  With Bing Webmaster Tools you can proactively control the crawl rate on your site.

20.  Bing is soft on punishment. Before penalizing a site, they allow the owner to check if their site is blocked. If it is, there are helpful tools to help the site owner get out of the penalty area

21.  You will know if your site is accessible on mobile devices if you use Bing Webmaster tools without having to access your site via all the existing mobile devices.

22.  It allows you to monitor the health of your site. A healthy site is one that is free of things such as viruses, spyware, malware, and others.

23.  Signing up for Bing Webmaster Tools is easy. It is a process that should take you just a few minutes to complete.

24.  It allows you to understand why visitors are interested in your site. You will receive in-depth reports of the sources of your traffic. Thus, you can orient your site to receive more data from such sources.

25.  It allows you to verify site ownership. Thus, if a duplicate site is generated, there is a good chance that your site will not be dropped from the Bing index because of a malicious site that is employing negative SEO.