25 Reasons Why You Should Own an e-Sports Team


25 Reasons Why You Should Own an e-Sports Team

The rise of e-Sports has been phenomenal. It has brought with it numerous opportunities that you would be well advised to take advantage of. To put into perspective how big e-Sports is, in 2015, it was estimated that over 226 million people were e-Sports fans.

Furthermore, there have been reports of concert halls and arenas filling to capacity with e-Sports fans. Below are 25 reasons why you should join the bandwagon by owning an e-team.

Companies are starting to appreciate the potential of e-Sports and substantial investment has been witnessed in the sector. The only way to be a beneficiary is by first of all having an e-Sports team.
Some high-ranking teams that have managed to attract sponsors are paid handsomely to play games that they love.
If you love e-Sports, having a team might be a smart way to get paid to do something you love.
Owning and managing an e-Sports team is fun since you get to choose the game of your liking to venture into.
E-Sports continues to attract large prize money. If you can manage win a tournament, you and your teammates could be smiling all the way to the bank.
The increasing number of people who are interested in watching e-Sports means that it has a lot of potential. Many avenues to pursue within the sector are continuously mushrooming.
There is a small possibility that if your team works really hard and becomes good at a particular game, you guys could leave a permanent mark in the e-Sports industry.
Having an e-Sports team can be an excellent way to develop a brand that you can slowly enhance and monetize such as a Youtube channel where you stream your games.
If you strive for it, you might manage to be one of the few owners of e-Sports teams with a cultic following.
E-Sports is slowly creeping into television. This means more opportunities and more revenues which you could potentially partake of by having your team.
Not everyone gets the chance to become famous. Having an e-team could be your ticket to becoming famous and being known for proficiency in a particular game.
Nothing beats the satisfaction of carrying an idea all the way from infancy to success. You could experience this satisfaction first hand by starting an e-Sports team and working at it until it becomes successful.
Owning an e-team is a great way to socialize and meet like-minded people that you can enjoy spending time with.
Having and e-team will teach you firsthand how to be an effective team player.
The e-Sports arena is competitive. Having an e-Sports team will get you right in the thick of things and motivate you to do all you can to succeed.
By extension, having an e-Sports team will enhance your capability of thinking out-of-box to beat your opponents during gameplay.
Having an e-Sports team will give you the chance to be part of something bigger than you. It will give you a worthy cause to strive towards.
If you can manage to develop a successful e-team, you can sell Ad Space to various companies using the number of your fans as a bargaining chip.
An e-Sports team can be a great marketing tool if you want to get into the gaming business. It can give you a primary audience to advertise to.
The process of successfully owning and managing an e-Sports team will expose you to all manner of helpful ideas and experiences that can help you out in other areas of your life.
If you establish an e-team and take it seriously, it can easily become your main career and open many doors to different sources of revenue.
Owning an e-Sports team will greatly test your level of discipline especially if you are an ardent gamer. You will have to learn to properly organize your resources which is one of the prime requirements needed to achieve meaningful success.
Though the initial stages of owning an e-Sports team can be daunting, you can be lucky enough to amass a substantial following that can be giving you donations as you work towards getting a sponsor.
E-Sports teams have attractive returns on investment. Though it might take lots of effort and work, the results if you stick the course are worth it.
Owning and managing an e-Sports team and transforming it into a success will require dexterity regarding strategy and planning. These virtues will not only help you scale the heights of e-Sports; they will also help you succeed in other life projects you may decide to undertake.
Though the thought of owning an e-Sports team promises a myriad of opportunities and success, you should be mentally prepared to put in lots of work and your money too in some instances. Everything that buds into a big success calls for effort, diligence, and patience and e-Sports is no different