25 Reasons You Should Advertise on Baidu


25 Reasons You Should Advertise on Baidu 

Advertising is a critical cog in any commerce venture. Without it, no one will know what you have to offer. As such, all avenues that present advertising opportunities should be made use of to reach as many people as possible. Below are 25 reasons why you should advertise on Baidu.

Baidu has 70% market share in China

Baidu can be likened to Google in the Chinese context. With such a significant market share, it offers a handy way to access the Chinese community.

It is the second largest global search engine

According to research, Baidu is now the second biggest search engine. With such status, any company or business wishing to increase its presence must take advantage of Baidu.

Over six billion daily search queries

With over six billion search queries a day, Baidu offers mouthwatering opportunities for keyword-based optimization.

Baidu has over 700 million users

With over 700 million users, it would be foolhardy not to advertise on Baidu. Any company that manages to impress even a tiny fraction of such an enormous user base will turbo boost its revenues.

Baidu ads are hosted on over 600,000 pages

The astounding number of pages hosting Baidu’s display ads means any ad you put up will get a big audience, which is music to any advertiser’s ears.

90% of the Chinese population uses Baidu

With over 90% of China using Baidu’s search engine services, the golden advertising opportunities on offer are undeniable.

The Chinese people have a positive ad mentality

Interestingly, according to studies, the Chinese market is more receptive to ads compared to other markets in the world. Baidu, therefore, has the advantage of increased ad uptake.

It is your best bet to access China

By now, it is quite obvious that Baidu is the one and only way to access China regarding advertising. If you wish to expand your company or business reach, focus on advertising on Baidu.

It is effective

With Baidu’s reach and market share, advertising on the search engine giant is more efficient compared to using other channels.

The Chinese market reacts well to ads

According to research, 47% of Chinese do not mind ads. The view is that if a company is willing to pay for an ad, then, the chances are that it is offering something worthwhile.

It is easy to set up an ad account on Baidu

Baidu has done its best to make sure that you can quickly set up your ad account and start advertising with minimal hassle.

Good support

Baidu has excellent support that you can get into contact with concerning anything pertaining to your advertising account.

Baidu specialists are aplenty

If you wish to advertise on Baidu and avoid the steep learning curve and trial and error, you can choose from the many Baidu ad experts available.

It is cheaper

Factoring in reach and efficacy, the advertising rates Baidu charges are quite fair which is one more reason why you should be advertising there.

It is easy to do SEO

Being a search engine, you can advertise by setting up an optimized site. SEO on Baidu is not complicated as its algorithms are not as sophisticated as Google’s.

It offers targeted advertising

If you have a product specifically aimed at the Chinese market, Baidu avails the most certain targeted advertising channel.

Not resource intensive

Commencing and rolling out an advertising campaign on Baidu is not as resource intensive as rolling out campaigns on other channels

Baidu’s reach continues to increase

Baidu’s reach continues to grow meaning that any advertising efforts channeled in that direction will continue to bear fruit into the foreseeable future.

Easy monitoring

Baidu makes it easy to monitor your advertising progress to best tweak your approach to achieve optimum results.

Advertising flexibility

Baidu offers more advertising flexibility since it is not very resource intensive. With a fair budget, you can manage to roll out a multifaceted ad campaign.

Saves time

Advertising on Baidu is not as time-consuming as running campaigns on other channels. You, therefore, get spare time to focus on other beneficial tasks.

Easily scalable

With Baidu, scaling up your advertising package is easy. Also, if you hire a professional, you get more time to focus on other core aspects of your business.

High return on investment

Baidu advertising has a high ROI meaning that you will be well compensated for all the money and effort spent.

You will increase your income

In line with a higher return on investment, focusing your advertising efforts on Baidu will increase your sales and your income.

Baidu has the largest reach of all mediums

No other advertising medium rivals Baidu regarding reach in China. What’s more, the Chinese online marketplace is booming with internet ad spending surpassing television spending.

Baidu is a great advertising medium with the ability to boost the earnings and global presence of any business or company. It is advisable to go for a professional to handle your Baidu advertising.