25 Sales Tactics Tai Lopez Uses to Sell Internet Courses


25 Sales Tactics Tai Lopez Uses to Sell Internet Courses  

Tai Lopez is one of the most successful internet entrepreneurs in the world. He mainly sells internet courses. Here are 25 successful sales tactics he uses:

1.  He utilizes influencers

Influencers are experts in the niche that you target. When you send a sample of your course to an influencer, he or she will be impressed and probably mention you in a blog post.

2.  He uses email lists

The use of email marketing has already been proven to deliver high rates of ROI. Tai Lopez ensures he capitalizes on the potential of email marketing.

3.  He sponsors events

It is a tricky tactic that needs a lot of research. You must ensure that the event you sponsor will have people that are interested in your products.

4.  He pulls PR stunts

Lopez has pulled a number of outrageous stunts that get the media talking about him. PR stunts are essentially a way for you to get free media advertising without paying for it.

5.  He utilizes AdWords for video

Lopez knows that AdWords if used properly, could generate the traffic he needs for his courses. In fact, he built much of his empire through aggressive advertising.

6.  He uses the power of affiliate marketing 

It is a common tactic used by online marketers. He gets people to generate traffic for his products at a small price. It essentially ensures you do not bear the load of looking for traffic alone.

7.  He uses press releases

Publishing press releases can be demoralizing especially when all news outlets ignore it. Lopez has perfected the art of releasing press releases that get media attention.

8.  He utilizes statistics

Statistics allow you to establish why you are experiencing spikes to your product. You can then analyze the cause of the spikes and concentrate on those areas.

9.  He runs surveys

Surveys allow you to understand what your consumers want. Lopez understands the danger of operating in a data vacuum. He wants to ensure that his courses always resonate with the needs of the clients.

10.  He utilizes online cartels

These are complimentary online retailers who sell non-competing products. Promote each other’s products and reap the benefits.

11.  He builds meaningful relationships

Tai Lopez understands the power of building strong relationships with the right people. He builds strong bonds both offline and online. They will be useful when you run into headwinds.

12.  He offers giveaways. 

If you hold simple contests and giveaways, it builds trust in your products. Tai Lopez understands the power of trust building.

13.  He utilizes Twitter

The simplicity of Twitter is what makes it such a powerful tool for marketing anything. For instance, you can reach out to people on the site who you think may be interested in your products.

14.  He has utilized the power of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a powerful tool for stating your professional connections. It also adds to the credibility of your products. The result is that more people are willing to try his products.

15.  He uses visual social media networks

Sites like Instagram help him to tell a story that is hard to tell with words. It is part of what drives traffic to his site and his products.

16.  He understands the power of Facebook

Tai Lopez uses Facebook ads to target a specific audience of people who are interested in the products he sells.

17.  He utilizes infographics

Creating infographics is a complex process if you want to ensure that it does not distract the buyers from your product. Tai Lopez has spent a lot of time experimenting with infographics that lead to conversions.

18.  He utilizes Reddit 

Reddit is a social media platform whose potential remains largely unexploited. Tai Lopez understands its potential, and he often uses it to attract followers to his products.

19.  He uses the consistency bias

Before he sells you his product, he makes you click ‘I agree’ on his landing page. Thus your mind is now biased to buy anything that he may sell.

20.  He utilizes the power of social proof 

In his sales page, Tai Lopez presents customers with evidence of other customers who have benefited from his products.

21.  He uses YouTube 

The site has contributed a lot to his success. He is able to use audio and visual, combined with catchy titles to reel to his potential customers.

22.  He uses podcasts

Podcasts are quite popular around the world. He searches for podcasts that are related to his products and ensures that his customers get to hear about it.

23.  He hosts live webinars

When he hosts a webinar, he ensures that some of his top content is shared free in small bits. It helps to create interest in what the rest of his course might hold.

24.  He offers discounts

At times, he will bundle different courses and offer huge discounts for those who purchase in bulk. It acts as an incentive for his customers to purchase at once.

25.  He sells books on Amazon

By publishing books on Amazon, he is able to grow his revenue stream. Besides that, he uses the books to promote his courses, which generates additional traffic.