25 Skills Every Graphic Designer Needs


25 skills a graphic designer needs  

The skills that a graphic designer possesses are important as they determine the amount of work they can receive. In the graphic design industry, there are basic and advanced or hard skills that professionals in the field need to have in order to command a greater presence in the niche. The top 25 skills that a graphic designer must be equipped with include:

Creative innovation

Creative innovation is the result of an idealistic mind and a graphic designer must have a creative outlook to master the designing industry.

Technical prowess

Technical prowess is a skill that graphic designers must possess if they wish to make an impact in the field. Technical prowess ensures that a designer has the acute tools to handle the designing process.

Digital strategy

Graphic designers have a responsibility of ensuring that the end user is able to clearly understand a message that their creation communicates. Skills in digital strategy are important as they allow a designer to digitally express an idea.

Adobe Photoshop

Arguably one of the core tools in graphic designing, Adobe Photoshop ensures a designer is able to learn how to customize an appearance in the creative work.

Adobe Acrobat

Another crucial tool for graphic designers, Adobe Acrobat contributes to a designer having a wholesome outlook of the designing process.


Being equipped with knowledge on the font families is important when it comes to designing since it provides an element of flexibility in adopting new ideas and innovations.

Web design

Graphic design and web design are fields that are interconnected and having skills in web design serves as a peculiar advantage for a graphic designer since it improves overall marketability.


It is critical that a graphic designer is equipped with HTML and CSS skills as it enables a seamless manipulation of page formats including the adjusting of elements to suit a specific design that a designer is looking forward to.

Project management

Skills in project management are crucial to a graphic designer since it is what determines the prowess when it comes to managing the creative works that a designer is faced with delivering upon.


Networking is an important skill for a graphic designer since it allows for a connection between professionals in the field which contributes to the sharing of inspiration and clientele.

Freehand art

Skills in freehand art are important for a graphic designer as they facilitate a setting where one is able to sketch a design piece and translate the ideas from the brain to an illustration.

Multimedia design software

Software tuned to customize the designs that one has is important to a graphic designer as it allows a designer to create and customize animations making it possible to create innovations.

Color theory

Skills on how to structure the color theories is fundamental to a graphic designer as it is what determines the contrast and utilization angles of designs.

Proficiency in Adobe In-Design and Adobe Illustrator

Skills in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe In-Design are responsible for catapulting the career of a graphic designer and ensuring effective management of the creative side of designing.

Layout optimization

A graphic designer must be able to organize the elements of a page and this is a skill that can be learnt if one is equipped with layout optimization capabilities.

Print design

The beauty of being a graphic designer is that it is possible to bring creativity to life and capturing print design is a factor that all design professionals have to master. Structuring color space, separation and layout are among the aspects covered in print design.

Editorial design

A cap on creativity is non-existent and this means a graphic designer must have the editorial skills to polish a design and ensure it is a creation that appeals to the target audience. Editorial design skills allow a graphic designer to have the capability of editing digital creations and print work.


With CorelDraw being a web template design software, graphic designers can have the capacity to create, edit and effectively polish a creative element with the skills in CorelDraw.

Problem solving

A graphic design specialist has to have acute problem solving skills in order to make the necessary strides in creative design works.

Adobe Fireworks

One of the great tools when it comes to graphic design, Adobe Fireworks is important to every graphic designer.


Effective communication is crucial to all graphic designers as it allows the clear depiction of an idea when it comes to the designs.


What a graphic designer needs to be sharp with is the blending of styles, designs and colors and all these can only be achieved with acute coordination skills that allow a manifestation of the creative ideas.

Design calibration

Design calibration is very important as it determines whether a creative piece creates the correct perception. Design calibration is thus a core skill to have for graphic designers who have an eye for quality presentations.

Adobe Dreamweaver

Skills in Adobe Dreamweaver facilitates a setting where a graphic designer can edit a creative presentation or even handle print and illustration development.