25 social media platforms you MUST master in 2017


25 social media platforms you MUST master in 2017 

Social media has transformed how people communicate and share information. With digital marketers, the potential for reaching the target audience has been enhanced which opens up the avenue for extensive development. In 2017, the social media platforms whose influence has to be harnessed include:


The influence and capacity of Snapchat has been underestimated but with emphasis moving towards the utilization of media for advertising, Snapchat is bound to take centerstage in marketing.


One of the social media platforms that has been massively utilized by millennials, Flickr is on track to influence the way people communicate and share information.


A Question and Answer platform, it is the perfect social platform for marketers who are looking to interact with the target audience and create a bond with the potential clients.


As much as it has been around for a while, Facebook offers an enviable platform for advertising and communication especially with the new customizations that allow for group development and following.


This is one of the standout social media platforms that have an impact on how users are able to share important information and trending factors that they find relevant.


This allows users to connect and share with others and therefore ranks as a valuable asset to marketers. It is tuned for a greater impact in 2017 with many people joining professional networks.


A peculiar social platform, Instagram allows for sharing of photos and experiences with followers and is bound to be a useful tool for people looking to enhance the connection with users.


As a professional network that brings millennials together, it is a perfect platform to trace the experts in varied fields along with sharing the experiences that make them significant in their respective niches.


This is a platform that facilitates communication and connection with other users with similar views.


A social platform that is focused on enabling users share new and trending elements, Reddit is tuned for the big stage with marketers aiming to set trends and create the buzz that sells products and services.


Utilization of Netlog is destined to increase in 2017 with millennials considering it a platform that allows for effective contact and communication.


Those who have utilized twitter for marketing are reaping massive rewards and 2017 promises to be the year when Twitter will explode as a marketing hub for multinationals.


Marketing has taken a turn where multimedia elements are significant and with Vine being a hub of video sharing, 2017 will see the social platform gain popularity.


A blog publishing platform, WordPress offers users the chance to share information and content that is relevant to the target audience and 2017 should see an intensive rise in its stock.


Video sharing is taking centerstage in the marketing field and with YouTube the biggest platform for video sharing, mastering the trade within the platform is tuned to be beneficial.


With Blab, users can broadcast content to the target audience and gain visibility which is what many marketers are targeting when focusing on educating the market base.


This is a premier business platform and social networking hub that has been underutilized in the past. With added focus on sharing and networking Meerkat is sure to come to the fore.


A social setting where users get to share information about live networking events, Xing is sure to take 2017 by storm due to the angle of advertising that marketers are tuned to take.


One of the best social networking platforms in recent times, Tumblr is tuned to take a central position as far as networking is concerned which will catapult its significance in 2017.

Baidu Tieba

With this social media platform, users get to create topics and share with the target audience which is what many marketers have been longing for.


The goal of WhatsApp was instant messaging but it has transformed to a marketing powerhouse and its growth will ultimately mean more opportunities for users which is sure to be taken advantage of in 2017.


A significant platform when it comes to creating stories including sharing and promoting the same, Storify is sure to be a hit in 2017 as marketers focus on promoting brands.


Users get to share reviews, tips and opinions that impact their interests with HubPages and it is exactly what advertisers will target when trying to impact the target audiences.


With SlideShare users get to upload and share content with other users and with emphasis being placed on networking with content, SlideShare will be an important platform.


This platform handles social publishing which is what advertising specialists are looking towards when setting up marketing campaigns and this is bound to make 2017 a year when Scribd makes a huge impact in the social networking niche.