25 Step-by-Step YouTube Video SEO Guide


25 Step-by-Step YouTube Video SEO Guide 

Regarding search queries, YouTube is arguably the second largest “search engine.” With over thirty million daily visitors, getting a video to rank highly on YouTube can do wonders for your online business. Contrary to what many individuals think, getting a video to rank highly on YouTube is not hard. Below is a 25 step-by-step YouTube video SEO guide that will help you get your video a first-page spot.

Select a niche

Select a niche that you are knowledgeable on. The key is to beautifully package and offer your expertise and know-how to your audience such that they can gain something meaningful.

Find relevant video keywords

Just as with regular SEO articles, you must search and carefully choose your video keywords.

Video keyword ideas

The best way to rank highly is to go for keywords that will generate first page results on both Google and YouTube. How to videos, in-depth reviews, funny clips, tutorials and fitness related keywords are good examples.

Hire a professional

The quality of your video substantially determines its rank. For this reason, it is advisable to invest in professional video services to ensure top notch quality.

Make a compelling video

You have to make your video as compelling as possible. Engagement is one of the main things Google looks for in a video so as to serve it on first page results.

Ensure whole video is watchable

Known as video retention, the more people watch your video in its entirety, the more the video’s SEO rank increases.

Include keywords in video filename

Though not to a significant degree, including your video keywords in your film filename increases the SEO rank.

Make the title longer than five words

Make sure your video title surpasses five words. Hardly does Google serve up videos with titles less than five words.

Make the video over 6 minutes long

Make sure your video is reasonably long. The longer, the better – provided, the compelling attributes of the video are not diluted.

Encourage viewers to comment

Make sure your video encourages watchers to comment regardless of whether the comment will be negative or positive. The more the comments, the higher the rank.

Nudge viewers to favorite or add your video to their watch list

The more people favorite or add your video to their watch list, the more SEO mileage your film accumulates.

Encourage viewers to subscribe

The more subscribers you accumulate, the more valuable your videos become in the eyes of Google.

Reply to comments

To further inflate your comments as well as engage with your watchers, make a point of replying to the majority of reasonable comments.

Include keyword in video name

Besides including the keyword in the video filename, include it in the video name too to boost SEO rank.

Put the keyword at the beginning

If you can, it is advisable to put the keyword at the beginning of both the video name and the video filename.

Precise video description

Come up with an accurate description of your video. Make sure you capture all the important issues that your video addresses.

250-word description

The description of your video should be at least 250 words which seems to be the ideal optimization word count.

Optimize your description

Make sure your description mentions the video keywords at least three times and a maximum of four times. Avoid the temptation to stuff keywords.

Include keywords in first 25 words

When crafting your description, make sure the keyword occurs once in the first 25 words.

Include relevant tags

Attach different but relevant tags to your video. They are not magic pills regarding SEO, but they subtly help to improve rank.

Put link at the top of the video

Make sure your link is at the very top of the video to help direct more people to your site.

Attach video to blog posts and guest posts

Find a creative and appealing way to integrate your video into blog posts or guest posts. This way, you will increase the video’s rank.

Cite video in question and answer websites

A good way to improve your video’s search engine performance is to make sure it is often mentioned in question and answer sites.

Include video link in your mail signature

Incorporating your video’s link in your email signature will drive more traffic and also increase the video’s SEO position.

Promote the video on social media

Incorporate your video into compelling social media posts to boost the number of views. If your video is good and exciting, it can even go viral and create an astounding online presence overnight.

Besides making money and generating a sound online presence, high-ranking videos can exponentially increase your click through rate. Follow the above step-by-step guide to make your videos rank first.