25 Steps Learn Google AdSense: The Basics


25 Steps Learn Google AdSense: The Basics 

Google AdSense is one of the ways website owners can use to monetize their sites or blogs. It is popular because it offers an avenue through which users can make passive income. Below are 25 steps to learning the basics of Google AdSense, what it is all about, and how to use it.

What is it?

Google AdSense is essentially an advertisement service where you entrust Google with the responsibility of showing relevant ads on your site. You then get paid depending on the efficacy of the ads placed.

Why it is necessary

AdSense is a great way to monetize websites, blogs, and other internet resources that attract traffic. It also shifts the responsibility of serving ads to Google, which is a plus for many people.

How it generates income

AdSense income is generated and calculated twofold. Firstly, depending on the clicks that ads placed on your site attract and through the impressions made (how frequently the ad is shown on your site).

Using a Google search box

For additional income, you can integrate a Google search box into the website. The revenue generated from the search terms will be shared between you and Google.

Income depends on traffic generated

AdSense income depends on the quantity of traffic your site attracts. Bigger traffic results in more income and vice versa.

AdSense requirements

To take advantage of AdSense, you must have a website with relevant content. A niche site that attracts people interested in particular things works best.

Keyword optimized site

Your website must be keyword optimized so as to maximize the number of visitors.

AdSense for feeds and domains

Besides serving ads for websites, Google also offers AdSense for feeds and domains which incorporates ads into feeds and domains.

How to sign up

Starting with Google AdSense is simple. Simply sign up by visiting https://www.Google.com/AdSense/

Fill in your details

After signing up, fill in all the relevant details to facilitate account activation.

Read and accept terms and conditions

Ad sense, as expected comes with terms and conditions. Go through them and understand them thoroughly so as to comprehend what you are getting into.

Submit your application

After accepting the conditions, submit your request and wait for Google’s go ahead.

Wait for an email from Google

You will then get an email from Google that will direct you on how to use the AdSense tool. Follow the instructions therein and take note of the given details.

Login into your AdSense panel

Using the details provided in the email, log into your portal to get a feel of how it works.

Familiarize yourself with the rules

AdSense has very specific rules which you must adhere to for your account to be activated. Google does not allow you to click on the ads, or to pay others to click ads, or to display ads on an adult site, etc.

Choose ad location on your site

Select the best position to place an ad on your website page. It could be in the header, footer, sidebar, etc.

Generate AdSense code

Next, you have to generate AdSense code in your portal. You will use the generated code to link your site with AdSense so that Google can start displaying ads on your site.

Choose an ad style

Choose an ad style that will seamlessly fit with the design of your site to maximize returns. You can choose from banner or skyscraper styles.

Format your ad

Make sure ad size is adequate such that text and image can both fit to increase appeal.

Integrate ad code into the site

You then have to incorporate the code generated into your website so as to connect your website with your Google AdSense account. Tools like Joomla can help you do this easily.

Wait for account approval

Google will review your site, and where you intend to place the ads. They will check whether you adhere to all rules and whether your site and content meet the set criteria.

Account approval or disapproval

You will receive an email notification detailing whether your application was approved or disapproved. If disapproved, you can contact Google and find out the reason before reapplying. If approved, your site can start displaying AdSense ads.

Check on progress

Check on your progress by logging into your portal. You will find all the related details such as clicks, impressions, income generated, etc.


Google pays its AdSense clients on a monthly basis once accumulated earnings get to or surpass $100. If earnings for a particular month are less, payment is rolled over to the next month.

Increasing the number of ads

You can increase the number of ads showing on your site by generating more AdSense codes. However, Google allows a maximum of 3 ads per page to avoid compromising user experience.

In a nutshell, getting started with Google AdSense boils down to signing up and connecting your website to your AdSense account. Once done with that, all you have to focus on is increasing traffic to your site to increase earnings.