25 takeaways from earning SEO links in 130 countries


25 takeaways from earning SEO links in 130 countries 

SEO that earns is one that has been strategically implemented and this is what most internet marketers find hard to maximize upon. Search Engine Optimization can only be as productive as the elements that guide its operation and this is what must be focused on. The lessons that can be taken from earning SEO links include:

Link building is key

SEO cannot be successful without link building and of all the Search Engine Strategies that earn dividends, those that focus on link building have greater significance and success.

Organic search marketing is crucial

When structuring SEO, organic search marketing defines the strategies to be employed and plan of action and it therefore cements the process as fundamental to the success that can be enjoyed with SEO.

Data driven SEO is a must

Search Engine Optimization informed by data is tuned for success and it is what people should focus on to improve the ROI.

Affiliate links work

Much has been said about affiliate links but the bottom-line is that they work. Affiliate links positively impact SEO strategies.

Promos and Sales are effective

When creating a strategy, focusing on the elements that attract users like Sales and Promos is an effective trick to get the SEO plan moving.

Corners don’t work with Search Engines

Black-hat SEO tactics are not worth it in the long run as they will eat into the budget and still not deliver valuable returns according to the investment made.

Users come first

Structuring an SEO strategy should have the user in mind and the experience they are bound to get owing to the strategy being implemented. This is the only way to capture the target audience and reap rewards.

SEO metrics govern decision-making

The process of decision-making should be informed by an analysis of the SEO metrics that define the strategy being implemented.

Social media is King

Overlooking social media is the worst mistake a marketer can make when targeting the implementation of an SEO strategy that will work diligently to deliver desirable results.

301 redirects and 404 pages are important

The optimization for search engines has to be wholesome in terms of the structuring of 301 redirects and 404 pages to retain the subscribed users while ensuring user experience is maintained.

Learning from the competition

The competition always creates strategies and alliances that enhance operations and learning from the competition is one way of gaining a foothold in the SEO industry.

Bounce rate is important

When considering the ROI, the bounce rate becomes a crucial factor to consider and it is one aspect of SEO that should never be overlooked.

Keyword research is paramount

All SEO strategies that earn have a strong foundation in keyword research which is what guides the optimization process and ensures quality customizations are taken on board.

Meta descriptions matter

The beauty with meta descriptions is that they effectively determine the CTR which is what SEO is tuned to achieve. This therefore ranks meta descriptions as important elements of SEO.

SEO is a race not a sprint

The results of SEO strategies are long term and not short term and Search Engine Optimization should therefore be considered for the long haul and not the short results.

Pay attention to ROI

The ROI is what defines the success of a Search Engine Optimization strategy and it should be the basis of evaluation.

Differentiate Fad and Trends

There are massive differences between Fads and Trends and with SEO is very important that a distinction is made that will guide the formulation of strategies.

Never over-optimize

Stuffing and over-optimization are detrimental to any SEO campaign and it is one of the faults that lead to poor ROI.

Content is relevant

Content is always a determining factor when it comes to SEO and it therefore has to be considered and optimized appropriately to enhance the success of a campaign.

Don’t stretch too thin

The mistake most internet marketers do with SEO is spreading too thin where contrasting strategies are adopted without careful evaluation which normally leads to cannibalization that limits the success of any SEO strategy.

Conversion rates are top priority

When setting up SEO campaigns, conversion rates are the principle focus and all efforts are made to ensure the figures are as high as possible.

Unique natural content is key

Spun and duplicate content defeats the purpose of SEO and this is one of the most important SEO lessons that can be taken from the high performing SEO campaigns across the world.

Backlinks are the result of great content

Quality and relevant content brings in the backlinks that are relevant to a campaign and this is one of the important factors marketers must be able to internalize.

Consider SEO strategies

With SEO, strategies define the success one will experience and one takeaway that must be considered in this is the fact that the different strategies have varied degrees of success which means informed selection.

Monitoring industry updates

The aspect of monitoring industry updates is fundamental to the success of SEO since it ensures a campaign is able to cope with the changes and requirements which culminates in the campaign being able to earn more in terms of ROI.