25 Things Your Boss Wants to Know About SEO


25 Things Your Boss Wants to Know About SEO 

Undoubtedly, SEO is one of the most effective digital marketing tools. It rightly places an online business in pole position to enjoy traffic from the billions of searches people run on Google. However, individuals who are not into internet-details may not know about SEO and how it works. If your boss is such a person, below are 25 things he/she would want to know about SEO.

What is it?

Your boss will want to know what SEO is all about. Explain to him/her in simple, understandable terms and avoid jargon.

Why SEO?

Your boss will be interested in knowing the genesis of SEO so as to have a foundation to understand deeper details.

Is SEO necessary?

Explain to your boss why SEO is needed and why effort should be expended to actualize a sound SEO strategy.

What does it entail?

Elaborate what SEO involves such as keyword optimization, good content, quality user experience and the like.

Is it necessary?

You should clearly explain why SEO is critical to any internet based business.

Is SEO expensive?

Come up with the theoretical cost of SEO for your firm. Depending on the kind of employer you have, it may come off as expensive or cheap.

Why have I never heard of it before?

This may not be a question you have to answer if your superior is adequately internet savvy.

What are the benefits of SEO?

Explain all the advantages of SEO such as improved rankings, organic traffic and the like. Prepare SEO related statistics to give your arguments weight.

What are the disadvantages?

Give the disadvantages such as the cost, risk of not showing up on the front page, etc. so as to give a complete picture of SEO.

Is it challenging to do?

Explain a hypothetical scenario regarding a particular keyword to explicitly convey the process of optimizing content for high search engine rankings.

Is it a one-off thing?

Your boss will want to know if SEO is a one-off thing or whether consistency is required to maintain results. Additionally, he/she will want to know the associated costs of sustained SEO efforts.

What is SEO’s ROI?

Return on investment will play a significant role concerning how your employer will prioritize SEO. Impress upon him or her the opportunities provided by optimization.

Is it a worthy investment?

Any employer will need information on whether SEO is a worthy investment compared to other probable and competing investments at that particular point in time.

Are our competitors investing in SEO?

Competitor activity is, of course, a significant factor in any industry, and your boss will want to know if competitors have already made the move to invest in SEO.

How resource intensive is SEO?

You will have to give your boss the projected workforce cost, opportunity cost, etc.

What is the future of SEO?

Explain the direction in which SEO is headed including current and future trends.

What are the pillars of SEO?

Tell your boss the components of SEO which are links, content, and social media. This way, he/she will know where SEO investment will focus on.

What is the best SEO strategy?

Elaborate that the best strategy to use going into the future is offering quality, multifaceted content such as text-based content, videos, pictures, etc.

How does SEO marry with other strategies?

Explain everything that plays a part in making SEO successful such as a quality website, blogs, vibrant social media platforms, etc.

Are there shortcuts to exploit?

Your boss will want to know about SEO shortcuts and the blackhat tactics involved. However, mention the risks associated with taking such shortcuts.

By what percentage can it increase revenues

At this point, contrast the costs with the expected revenues to paint a realistic picture regarding the impact of SEO on revenues.

Is SEO a long term or short term strategy?

Elaborate that the fruits of SEO may take some time to mature since it is a long-term plan. Reiterate the importance of utilizing SEO in conjunction with other more immediate strategies such as PPC ads.

How will it affect the core function of the business?

Explain how SEO will affect the core functioning of the firm and how it may finally necessitate facility expansion to cater for increased orders for instance.

Are there reliable SEO experts?

A prudent employer who is considering investing in SEO will need to know whether there are qualified, competent professionals who can get the job done.

What are the consequences of not investing in SEO?

Elaborate to your boss that failure to take advantage of SEO is akin to fighting evolution and spurning golden opportunities for business growth.

It is highly unlikely that any boss may be totally clueless regarding SEO. However, if you labor to explain it using the above 25 questions as guidelines, he/she will certainly get the gist of SEO and why it is crucial in today’s internet driven business environment.