25 Things Marketing Firms Look for in Graphic Designers


25 Things Marketing Firms Look for in Graphic Designers 

Graphic designers are very important when it comes to digital marketing since it is their creativity that works to structure the visual aspect of the advertisement platforms. Marketing firms are therefore heavily reliant on graphic designers and among the 25 things they look for include:

Ability to combine AR and VR

Combining Augmented Reality with Virtual Reality is a concept many marketers are targeting in a bid to attract more clients and appeal to the target audience.

Skills in optimization

Marketing is all about optimizing for the niche client and firms always target the graphic designer who can optimize the designs according to what the potential clients are tuned to love and relate to.

Building a narrative

The principle aspect that a marketing firm targets in a graphic designer is their ability to build a narrative and sell the same to the potential clients and ensure the target audience is able to bite and go with the flow.

Capacity to self-learn

Self-learning is by far the best trait to have as a graphic designer since it ensures all new elements in designing are captured and internalized to better the quality of production.


Innovativeness in the graphic design industry is crucial as it is what drives the process of designing and also determines the level of productivity a professional is able to master.

Utilization of Communication avenues

In digital marketing, there are varied avenues for communication and firms always try to find the graphic designers with the capacity to utilize the communication avenues to better the campaign.


Among the jobs that demand passion is that of a graphic designer since it is passion that drives innovativeness and builds confidence in the creations.


Graphic design is a profession that requires the input of varied creatives and marketing firms are always instrumental in identifying the capacity of a designer to collaborate with the team.


The dynamism of a graphic designer is what avails more jobs and more projects mainly due to the fact that it guides the ability to scale designs and satisfy set standards.

Ability to create responsive designs

The ability to create responsive designs is highly regarded within the digital marketing industry since it is what attracts clients and impacts the way prospective customers view a brand.

Detailed approach

Attention to detail cannot be overstated in the graphic design field since it is what makes the difference between a creative design and an ordinary presentation.

Artistic ability

A professional in the graphic design industry should have artistic ability and the necessary knowledgebase that will ensure they present their ideas in an artistic element.

Client oriented purpose

It is the task of a graphic designer to ensure they are able to have a client oriented purpose that will see the production of specialized designs that will connect with the target audience.


The purpose of creativity in a graphic designer is to ensure they are able to stand out from the rest in terms of unique designs and specialized audience focus.

Strategic approach

Designs can be generated at varied rates but as long as they do not have a strategic goal behind them, they do not make the desired impact and this is what marketing firms are sensitive about.

Priority management

Priorities in graphic designing are very important since they determine the level of creativity and expression that a designer will implement which is what firms look out for.


Flexibility in adopting designs and utilizing design instruments is paramount to a designer and it is what marketing firms target when looking for professional graphic designers.

Technology adoption

The ability to use new technology and blend the operational capacities of different technologies is a crucial factor to the success of a design process and marketing firms always focus on this as an element of measuring competence.


The inspiration to create valuable and unique designs is the trigger that ensures a designer is able to have the desired impact.

Ability to observe

Much of designing in the graphic design industry is a product of observing and creating a complementary design that will appeal to the target audience and this is where the ability to observe serves a treat.

Concept materialization

The ability to materialize a concept is enviable and it is what marketing firms target in graphic designers since it is what inspires great designs.

Cross-platform experience

There are few values to have within the graphic design industry than cross-platform experience. Marketing agencies usually target designers with cross-platform experience since they are able to structure designs for varied devices.

Coding skills

An increasing demand by marketing agencies is that graphic designers have the coding skills that can enable them create pages and optimize them with the specific designs.

Technical prowess

Marketing firms always target the graphic designers with technical prowess since it is a quality that ensures a desirable work ethic is cultivated during the designing process.

Digital strategy

A graphic designer with a digital strategy is always sought after by the marketing firms that desire having a connection with the target audience on the digital platform.