25 Things Marketing Firms look for in Web Developers


25 Things Marketing Firms look for in Web Developers 

Web developers are responsible for the user interfaces and website pages that marketing firms use to implement the advertising strategies. It is therefore imperative that their skills are utilized with a keen eye on the best approaches. Web developers having these 25 qualities are often targeted by the marketing firms since they enable them perform to the best of their ability.

SEO skills

Skills in optimization for the target audience are highly revered by marketing firms since they provide a level of flexibility that guarantees the structuring of an effective marketing strategy.

Competency in HTML

There is little one can do in web development without experience in HTML and this is what marketing firms focus on from the initial stage.

Website analysis

The ability to perform website analysis while pointing out the varied errors that can limit operational efficiency is highly appreciated within the web development industry and it is a criterion that marketing firms look at when recruiting.

Image editing

Marketing firms are now targeting the web developers that can perform some designing aspect by editing images that are to be presented in a marketing campaign.

Prowess in CSS

CSS controls a core setting in web development and prowess in the same gives a web developer the edge when it comes to being considered by a marketing firm.


The technical ability to troubleshoot and assess the impact of bugs within a webpage or website is important and crucial to the success of a marketing campaign which explains why marketing firms always focus on it.

Idea on inbound marketing strategies

Marketing firms always look out for the web developers that have an idea on how inbound marketing strategies work and their operational process since it determines the extent of optimization on the pages created.

Skills in optimization

Optimization skills are highly valued by marketing firms since they equip a web developer with the required tools to excel in focusing on what the client needs.

Building Application Program Interfaces

Skills in building APIs always guarantee that a web developer will catch the eye of marketing firms since it is the competent approach with the APIs that gives flexibility in structuring marketing campaigns for the respective platforms.

Ability to research Open Source Projects

The researching of Open Source Projects is a factor that leads to idea generation including skill acquisition that aids with optimization of websites.

Skills in writing code

Competency in writing code is a factor that endears web developers to marketing firms since it plays a crucial role when it comes to website optimization using the likes of JavaScript and PHP.

Ability to prototype new Apps

The ability to structure and prototype new Apps is crucial when it comes to web development since it ensures a systematic process of engagement and designing.

Skills in database building

Being able to build a database is often understated but it is exactly what marketing firms look out for in the web developers they contract to structure the websites and webpages.

Ability to restructure existing code

Each set of codes usually commands a particular outcome and altering the same to suit a specific pathway of marketing is a quality that marketers focus on when targeting web developers.

Attention to detail

Having attention to detail is a quality that determines the success that a web developer can have and it is what marketing firms focus on when trying to find the best professional.

Experience with development methodologies

Development methodologies for websites inspire the creation and management of webpages which is what perfects the operation of a website and this is what marketing agencies focus on when trying to recruit the perfect web developer.

Strong understanding of UI

The user interface is what determines the user experience and a strong understanding of how to structure UI is what determines the viability of a job with marketing firms.

Ability to handle cross-browser compatibility

With web pages, their compatibility across browsers is what determines the user experience. Marketing companies keen on creating the best websites and webpages always target web developers with this particular skill.

Ability to monitor web functions

It is crucial that a web developer is able to monitor web functions since it is what determines the expertise with which they will be able to deliver on the web development front.

Strong grasp of security options

A strong grasp of the security options when it comes to the web pages and website functions is admirable and marketing agencies always judge a web developer on the premise of having such a skill.

Understanding of ecommerce applications

An intricate understanding of the ecommerce applications that are used in digital marketing is crucial since it guides the optimization process.

Functional knowledge of web services

Web services are crucial to how a website responds and it is what a web developer must capture seamlessly. Marketing firms are therefore very vocal when it comes to the functional knowledge of web services.

Multimedia content development

Marketing firms always target the web developers with the ability to structure multimedia content development as it gives flexibility in page optimization.

Skills in Web programming

With a multifaceted approach being favored when it comes to digital marketing, a web developer with skills in web programming becomes a valuable asset.

Data integration on back-end databases

The ability to perform data integration on back-end databases is a skill mostly admired by marketing agencies since it ensures a web developer is well rounded to provide competitive services.