25 tips to get more internet traffic (FAST)


25 tips to get more internet traffic (FAST)

Driving traffic to a website or page is usually a strategy that many marketers try to focus on due to the cumulative benefit to be experienced. There are plenty of strategies that individuals initiate to get more traffic and among the top 25 tips that can be considered include:

Using micro-websites

Micro-websites are very instrumental when it comes to driving traffic since they funnel traffic to a main site or page and therefore concentrate the high-value traffic to one setting.

Using active forums

Active forums are always heavy with traffic which includes people searching for information as well as those learning about a brand and using the active forums ensures that the traffic can be tapped with links.

Linking to authority sites

The fastest and easy way to get traffic is linking to the authority sites that have a significant following in the specific niche of service. The links back to the page will drive traffic.

Social bookmarking

The goodness with social bookmarking is that it enables users to find a webpage faster which drives traffic and capitalizes on the aspect of visibility.

Writing articles

The use of content has been largely acclaimed to be the best platform and writing articles is one of the ways to gain followers fast since it captures and explains concepts easily.

Commenting on blogs

Blogs are the communication platforms that users target when trying to learn and commenting on the blogs is a sure way to gain followers fats and drive traffic to the respective content pages.


The power of YouTube is unrivalled when it comes to driving traffic. Outbound links from the videos to specified pages is an effective way of getting the traffic desired.

Facebook FanPage

The introduction of Facebook FanPage has revolutionized the way a brand communicates and maintains touch with the target audience and it is the best way to gain traffic seamlessly.

Referral programs

The impact of referral programs cannot be underestimated and the programs are perfect avenues for getting high value traffic that converts easily.


Always reliable, PPC is one of the efficient and easiest ways to get traffic from the web since it targets the relevant users and focuses on conversions.


The use of backlinks is an ingenious way of getting more traffic at a faster rate since it incorporates the targeting of high value traffic.

Guest posting

The purpose of guest posting is to increase visibility and allow users to get acquainted with the presence of the best solution and this is what increases traffic seamlessly.

Email listing

Building awareness and driving the relevant traffic is the goal of email listing and it stands as one of the ways to get more traffic easily.


When promoting a brand, and targeting high value traffic, clickbanks work effectively to drive the traffic and ensure a brand is recognizable.


Many people have not understood the value of utilizing Flickr which ensures that image credits are given for every click made. This extends the visibility of the brand by allowing the brand to gain followers.


The innovative way to keep clients engaged is using podcasts since they provide the content and information that users always look to understand about a product or brand.

Answer Websites

The utilization of Answer Websites is crucial to a platform looking to attract more traffic since it gives users the chance to engage and connect with the brand.

RSS Feeds

Driving traffic is the principle task that RSS Feeds handle and they should thus be utilized as they offer an unrivaled presence when it comes to directing the potential customers.

Email signatures

The beauty of email signatures is that they prompt a user to initiate contact which makes it easier when it comes to increasing the conversion rates and gaining valuable followers.

Link building

Link building is one of the standout ways of getting more traffic to a website or page since it builds and directs the relevant traffic to a specific platform where the potential clients can get the relevant information.

Long-tail keywords

Most users searching the internet do not utilize the single keyword setting but rather consider the long-tail keywords and focusing on this is one way to gain followers at a faster rate.

Utilize social media

Social media is the largest platform on the internet with many utilizing it as a communication tool including networking. Utilizing social media will provide access to the huge presence of users.

Hosting webinars

The purpose of hosting webinars is to allow for effective visibility and it builds a brand as well as attracting a following which ultimately increases the traffic to a website.

Optimizing for mobile

It is easier for users to connect via the mobile devices since they utilize them on the go. Optimizing the website or page for mobile devices is a path to gaining traffic fast.

eBooks and giveaways

eBooks are great when it comes to attracting traffic and attention and giveaways serve as the incentive to share and connect with the brand which ultimately increases the following.