25 Tips to Grow with 0 Views and 0 Subscribers on YouTube


25 Tips to Grow with 0 Views and 0 Subscribers on YouTube 

YouTube’s gigantic user base of over a billion people spanning all age groups means that the platform offers a lucrative channel to build influence, advertise, and make money online. That said, all YouTube channels that are currently successful started from scratch with 0 views and 0 subscribers. Below are 25 proven tips to grow if you are starting from scratch on YouTube.

Edit video title to be less than 50 characters

You video titles should not surpass 50 characters. Otherwise, the title will get cut off in search engine results which may lead to people overlooking your video.

Upload other videos

Consistency is crucial in achieving growth. Even if your video has 0 subscribers and views, make and upload other helpful, quality videos.

Cap video length at 3 minutes

The most effective videos are usually around 3 minutes long. Unless it is an in-depth review, case study, etc. Make sure the length of your videos is at most 3 minutes.

Share your videos on Facebook

Use Facebook’s video uploader to share your video on Facebook. It has been confirmed that sharing videos this way facilitates engagement more compared to sharing YouTube links.

Integrate videos into your blog

Embed your videos into your blog posts and share them on social media. It will increase the quality of your social media/blog posts as well as boost video views.

Include your video’s URL when integrating it into your blog

Manual addition of your video’s URL as you embed it into your blog will direct more targeted traffic to your channel which will result in more views and subscriptions.

Utilize YouTube autocomplete to identify popular keywords

Start typing variations of your video’s title, or general theme and take note of the suggestions YouTube makes. YouTube generates recommendations from the most searched phrases.

Use popular keywords in video title

Make sure you include the popular keywords you have identified and selected into your video’s title.

Make use of long tail keywords

Long tail keywords are particularly effective. Make use of keyword apps and tools to identify long-tail keywords that you can use.

Create an introduction

Create a compelling introduction for your video and encourage viewers to subscribe to your channel.

Create a 250-500 word video description

Come up with a compelling video description. A word count of above 250 is recommended. Include your chosen keyword in your description 3 to 4 times.

Add keyword in first 25 words of video description

Make sure you include your chosen keyword in the first 25 words of the description to increase the video’s rank. Google does not scan videos for relevancy; it used descriptions instead.

Create a video playlist

After you have uploaded a few videos, make a topic-based playlist. Your topics should include appropriate keywords to increase their rank in both Google and YouTube searches.

Call to action

Make use of a powerful call to action when your videos are concluding to direct viewers to subscribe to your channel.

Take advantage of a channel trailer

Create a channel trailer that describes who you are and what your videos are about. A trailer should appeal to people’s needs by painting your videos as the solution.

Optimise your channel

Optimising your channel is not just about optimising your videos. Strive to optimise your entire channel so as to rank better in search for your chosen keywords.

Integrate subscribe buttons on your blog

Make sure all the videos embedded in your blogs or any other platform have the subscribe button right beside them.

Encourage viewers to like your videos

Encourage viewers to like the video on your blog, social media, and in the video itself. The more likes a video has, the higher its rank will be and the more views it will get.

Engage with viewers

Reply to comments that viewers leave behind. This way, you will slowly develop a community around your channel.

Connect with ardent fans

To further increase your reach, use Analytics to identify loyal fans of your videos. You can then contact them and request them to share your content.


Network with social media and YouTube influencers to come up with arrangements where they can promote your videos to their audiences.

Include a YouTube widget on your blog or site

Including a widget that displays some of your videos on your website or blog will increase your video’s views.

Promote your video through your email list

If you have a website or blog, you probably have an email list too. Make use of it to promote your video.

Use tags

It is believed that tags improve video rank. Your tags should be related to your keywords to give them more weight.

Use custom thumbnails

Creating a captivating, unique thumbnail will help your videos stand out more in search results.

In conclusion, if your video performs poorly despite all efforts, get rid of it so that the general appeal of your channel is not compromised.