25 tips for doing local search engine optimization for patent law firms


25 tips for doing local search engine optimization for patent law firms 

Patent law firms looking towards structuring strategies for local SEO have to be creative in their approach. Focusing on the target audience requires the inclusion of varied points of view from the perspective of the client which inform what the consumer may search for and need. When doing local search engine optimization for patent law firms, the tips that are tuned for success include:

Claiming an address on Google My Business

This is a valuable approach which ensures visibility of the firm is structured in the local setting. It also improves overall client appeal.

Google Maps

Getting the law firm listed on the Google Maps feature marks as a unique strategy that allows the local clients to view the business and associate with its local placement when making searches.

Structuring NAP

The Name, Addresses and Phone numbers of the firm have to be structured within the local directories to ensure potential clients are exposed to the presence of the business.

Relevant content

Content is always king but with the local optimization process, the content needs to be optimized for the local population with the topics and opinions covering what local clients can relate to.

Editorial links

The best place to begin local SEO as a patent law firm is with editorial links which are links generated from human editors and influencers who recommend the firm to potential clients.

Get citations

The ultimate strategy for maximizing on local search engine optimization is getting citations which are basically references from other authoritative sites that have a presence within the locality.

Separate webpages for geographical area

A particular plan to structure local SEO is creating separate webpages for the different geographical areas which ensures traffic is directed to the relevant page.


The best way to ensure local SEO is captured perfectly is Audits that sieves the relevant elements in press releases, blogposts and media according to the local area.

Use social media

Social media is a powerful tool for personal and corporate branding and it is the perfect starting point for local SEO since it consolidates the traffic from the local setting.

Encourage online reviews

Online reviews are always a pointer to great service and getting the reviews from the local clients is a preferable point to begin local SEO.

Use optimized videos

Optimized videos are the core of what local SEO is all about. A patent law firm must employ the use of optimized video addressing the services on offer and what clients in the select geographical area can expect.

Getting backlinks from local sources

Backlinks define SEO strategies and getting backlinks from local sources is a perfect platform for building local SEO for a patent law firm.

Fit local keywords naturally

Local keywords that mention the geographical area and the expected legislations within the area should be fitted naturally to build credibility with search engines.

Using Hyperlocal search terms

It is crucial that the search terms that the potential target audience can use are targeted and this can be done by incorporating the Hyperlocal Search Terms in the optimization process.

Use local headliners

With all content that is posted, using local headliners is a way of making sure the locals take notice which improves visibility.

Long-tail keywords

Local SEO for a patent law firm cannot be fully exploited without the use of long-tail keywords to provide descriptive elements of services and offers to expect.

Target keyword phrases with a local bearing

When thinking of local SEO, it is crucial that keyword phrases with a local bearing are targeted to enhance the natural fit.

Write about niche topics

When addressing a local audience, it is important to write about niche topics which resonate with what the potential clients expect and the expected services.


There are fewer strategies for local SEO that work with the same efficiency as extensions. Locative extensions in the AdWords are perfect for local SEO for patent law firms.

Tag and categorize content

Within the local blog, it is important to tag and categorize content accordingly in the case of trademark matters, patent applications and protection among other issues.

Business listing on Google+

Listing a patent law firm on Google+ is a perfect way of targeting local SEO since it increases visibility within the geographical area in focus.

Local high volume keyword that is not competitive

The best way to gain from local SEO as a patent law firm is to target the local high volume keywords that are not competitive which enhances the reputation of the website over time.

Using schema

The plugins that search engines use to understand content are very important as they ensure the website and pages are categorized according to their relevance to the local setting.

Meta descriptions

The best trick to handle local SEO for a patent law firm is to structure meta descriptions that define the keywords, and description of the practice in the local geographical area.

Implicit search

The goal of implicit search is to take advantage of local SEO and establish the presence of businesses and it is what patent law firms should take advantage of.