25 Tips to Make a Squeeze Page That Converts


25 Tips to Make a Squeeze Page That Converts 

A well-constructed squeeze page can immensely build your email list and generate hundreds of leads. However, if poorly done, not only will it lose you valuable leads, it may also negatively impact your SEO rank. Below are 25 tips that will help you make a quality squeeze page that converts.

Simple design

A squeeze page should be simple. Unnecessary complexity will shift a visitor’s attention and reduce the chances of him/her leaving behind an email address.

Few hyperlinks

In line with reducing distractions, a squeeze page should have very few links to minimize the probability of a visitor getting sidetracked.

Straight to the point

A squeeze page should be straight to the point. It should not contain anything that does not encourage a guest to leave his/her email address.

Minimum content

Each word in a squeeze page should be duly weighed and considered.

Make content scannable

Squeeze page content should have subtitles. Additionally, it should not have paragraphs more than three lines long to make it easily skimmable.

Use bullets

If possible, avoid prose content and use bullet points which are straight to the point and easier to digest.

Offer an ultimatum

Fashion your squeeze page to offer an ultimatum of sorts to improve conversions. The page should clearly convey that the only option besides not accepting the offer is leaving the page.

Make the page aesthetically appealing

Simplicity should not mean blandness. Make your squeeze page appealing and ensure that the color scheme draws attention to the provided text box/boxes.

Offer something enticing

Offer something worthwhile so that all those who leave their addresses do not feel shortchanged. A simple video or audio will not cut it.

Offer a free eBook

Informative eBooks are by far the most efficient channel when it comes to squeeze page offers. Source, or author a quality eBook on a crucial topic you are knowledgeable about.

Offer bonuses

Bonuses and coupons on goods and services sold on your site provide a good way to encourage visitors to leave their email addresses so that they can be promptly updated concerning new offers.

Offer templates

Unique models are always in demand. Take advantage of this by providing free templates on your squeeze page.


Educative content will never get old or go out of fashion. Offer an informative webinar to entice guests into leaving their contacts.

Offer an email course

Even better than a webinar, you can provide a free, helpful email course on industries that have a knowledge or training gap such as search engine marketing. The course you offer should be related to your website.

Avoid trickery

Tricking visitors into leaving their addresses will backfire on you. They will associate anything you have to offer from that point on with trickery.

Camouflage the quit button

Structure the squeeze page in such a way that the exit button is not easily visible. This way, before a guest finds it, he/she will have already digested your proposal.

Make a soft pitch

A squeeze page should not use hard sell language. The basic idea is to nudge a visitor softly to leave contact details.

Use a pop-up squeeze page

A pop-up squeeze page is more effective since the visitor is exposed wholly to the page and he/she has to take action to either leave or take the deal.

A squeeze page should not pop up immediately

Website users should be first allowed to use site resources for a while to nurture interest before the squeeze page pops up.

Use Testimonials

Including testimonials is a great way of giving evidence that what you have to offer works. However, they should be genuine.

Incorporate a video

An automatic and compelling video is also another handy strategy you can use to hold visitors’ interest while educating them concerning what you have to offer.

Customize the buttons

Depending on what you are offering in exchange for email addresses, customize the buttons to reflect the same. Rather than a “download now” button in the case of an eBook, use “download your free eBook” instead.

Use relevant pictures

Ensure that your squeeze page has a relevant but captivating photo. A good photo significantly enhances and livens up any web page.

Include statistics

Include statistics such as *people have already downloaded this eBook, or you already have several hundred email subscribers. It improves conversions since humans are more likely to select the option chosen by many.

Have few text boxes

Offering several data collection text boxes encourages guests to leave your website. Only have the email textbox. You can collect any other data on subsequent pages.

The benefits of having a healthy email list are undeniable. That said, building an email list is the challenge. With the tips above, you can easily make a quality squeeze page that will convert as per your expectations.