25 tips to start a Search Engine Optimization Agency in Houston Texas


25 tips to start a Search Engine Optimization Agency in Houston Texas 

Search Engine Optimization has become a crucial strategy in digital advertising and the improvements within the optimization field only serve to strengthen the reach that the strategy has. Having a Search Engine Optimization agency in Houston means one gets to tap into the extensive client base that has businesses and websites all looking for optimization services that will allow them to rank.

Create a website

A website is the first step to take when starting an SEO agency as it is the platform on which potential clients will have a firsthand experience of the success with which the optimization process will be handled.

Rank your own site

Ranking your own site is the initial strategy to use when targeting clients since a high ranking will authenticate the SEO methods being used on the site.

Push for testimonials

When starting a Search Engine Optimization firm, it is important to target testimonials as they are the triggers that instill confidence in the clients and guarantee seamless conversions of potential customers.

Create offerings

Offerings attract potential clients and are effective marketing angles for a new agency that is looking to make a mark in the industry.

Target referrals

Referrals work the magic for a new digital marketing firm and when looking to start an SEO agency, targeting referrals should be the initial focus.

Incentivize client to client marketing

A startup SEO agency in Houston has to benefit from client to client marketing and this can be incentivized by offering a bonus like a free month SEO for referral that successfully becomes a client.

Responsiveness to leads

Being responsive to leads is the best strategy when starting an SEO agency since most clients appreciate the quick response and the attention given to their needs.

Target inbound marketing

The main factor to consider when starting a Search Engine Optimization firm is inbound marketing which ensures the budget for advertising is maintained at affordable thresholds.

Local Optimization

The goal of an SEO agency in Houston should be to offer local SEO that will impact the way marketing is done at the specific geographical setting and this should be the goal of every startup in the SEO niche.

Keyword in URL

Placing an anchor keyword in the URL of the SEO agency website is crucial as it directs traffic and acts as a funnel that pulls the high value clients. Keywords like “SEO Houston” when used as the stem are very effective.

Focus on content

Content is a determinant of the traffic that a website receives and focusing on content ensures that a startup SEO agency is able to bring in the desired traffic and convince potential clients why they should opt for the firm.

Make use of free resource

A peculiar approach in attracting clients is making use of the free resource option where clients can access content and valuable SEO resources with the catch being tweeting about the experience. It is a worthy strategy for startup SEO agencies.

Partner with agencies

The success of an SEO agency in Houston is dependent on the strategic partnership with other agencies offering PPC, PR, Web Design among other related services.

Live chat

The needs of the target audience are always revealed on live chats where the clients list the expectations they have. This should be the first stop for a startup SEO agency.

Set industry target

There are goals that have to be set when starting an SEO agency in Houston and setting the industry target is what guides the objectives.

Offer free SEO audit

Startup SEO firms in Houston have to set a precedence and a unique way to do that is to offer free SEO audits for websites and client web pages which is a process that results in plenty of conversions.

Free consultations

The best approach to starting an SEO agency in Houston is to offer free consultations to all potential clients. This exposes the challenges the client base has and also allows access to the core of the market.

Proficiency in using software tools

Knowledge on how to utilize software tools that manage the SEO process is crucial and all startups should have the personnel with proficiency in utilizing project management, audit, accounting and social media research tools.


Blogs are a perfect way to introduce a concept or company to the target audience and for startup SEO agencies, it is the perfect platform to launch the firm.


Targeting early incorporation is crucial for a startup SEO firm as it guarantees the agency is registered as a legal entity which saves on tax obligations and builds a track record.

Business plan

A business plan is one of the crucial aspects that have to be mastered when starting a Search Engine Optimization agency since it is what directs the business.

Direct mail

The best way to ensure a startup SEO company is able to scale is using direct mail to reach the target audience and serve the offerings for the services.

Cold calling

It may be an old-school method of reaching out to the client but it is still effective for the SEO agencies that are starting up in Houston.

Local national directories

Listing in the local and national directories is a perfect way to ensure visibility and build credibility.

Marketing plan

A marketing plan serves to direct the steps of a startup business and most notably an SEO firm looking to make an impact in the industry.