25 Tips to Create a Facebook Page for Your Business


25 Tips to Create a Facebook Page for Your Business 

Facebook is one of the standout social media platforms that has revolutionized how people market and interact with the target audience. Using Facebook for business is a strategy that not only breeds loyalty but also ensures ease of delivery of services. 25 useful tips on how to create a Facebook page for business include:

Add a recognizable picture

Creation of a Facebook page should be informed by the addition of a recognizable profile picture which the target audience can easily identify and resonate with. This is what builds the brand.

Incorporating and engaging cover photo

Cover photos are the identity of the page and incorporating an engaging cover photo is what will serve the treat when it comes to creating a bond with the target market.

Avoid dummy accounts

Dummy accounts that have some likeness to a well-known brand only serve to weaken your creativity and also serve poorly when it comes to authenticity.

Adding links to descriptions

Descriptions are a mode of the target audience getting to understand what is being presented and adding links that lead to more information is what should be captured seamlessly.

Incorporating a call-to-action

A call-to-action tab is fundamental to the chances of business and a Facebook page being optimized for business should have one to ensure potential clients are captured and converted.

Customize “About Us” page

Customizing the “About Us” page is very important as it is the window through which the clients are able to understand what the business is all about and the services they can expect.

Write innovative descriptions

The fundamental aspect to capture when creating a Facebook page for business is the creation of innovative descriptions that speak to what the target market needs and desires.

Add tabs and Apps

Tabs and Apps are the driving factors that influence more engagement and contact between the business and the market base.

Optimize for videos and photos

The digital world has made users relish the opportunity to have photos and videos that describe a product or service. Optimizing the page for videos and images is therefore a factor to consider.

Enabling private messaging

All clients prefer to have a personalized mode of contact and the private messaging platform is the avenue to ensure that the connection is made a reality.

Pick a vanity URL

The goal of a vanity URL is to ensure that advertising is made easier which is beneficial to the business since it directly impacts visibility.

Invest in top notch graphics

Potential clients always look at the time and effort spent when considering the platform that delivers the product or service desired. Top class graphics attract the potential customers.

Add your YouTube channel

When creating a Facebook page for business, adding your YouTube channel is a genius move that ensures clients are redirected to more resources that impact their decision-making when it comes to the product or service on offer.

Add a contact form

A contact form is always a welcome option for users since it gives them a platform to create a connection with the business and it should thus be a factor to consider.

Create a landing page

Landing pages are not restricted to blogs and websites, a Facebook business page should also have a landing page where clients and potential customers can learn more about the business, products and services on offer.

Desist from auto-posting

A useful tip when creating a Facebook page for business is deselecting the auto-post feature which eliminates the aspect of personification of the page which users relate to.

Structure complaints avenue

A Facebook page for business should have a complaints avenue where the clients can make their observations and comments to give the page a natural and human look when it comes to feedback.

Develop seasonal platform

Seasonal content always wins over potential clients and a Facebook page tuned for business should be oriented for the same to ensure engagement with the target audience.

Optimize for mobile

Since millennials have transformed the use of internet on mobile devices, optimizing for the mobile platforms is crucial to ensure the Facebook page has a wider reach with the same user experience.

Use full links

Full links always attract more clicks and this should be a factor that is captured when creating a Facebook page for a business.

Activate sponsored stories

This is one of the most important factors to capture when creating a Facebook page for business since it increases user interaction and engagement.

Create fan only barrier

A fan only barrier is a genius input to a Facebook page for business since exciting content is hidden behind the barrier which entices clients to subscribe and like.

Create a content calendar

When creating a Facebook page that is tuned to serve a business, creating a content calendar is important as it gives users the chance to anticipate and look forward to content.

Set up featured likes

Setting up featured likes ensures the page is able to make the desired impact according to brand awareness.

Set up “pages to watch”

This effectively watches the competitors and ensures that a business is able to note and adjust to what the competitors are doing.