25 Tips for Using Paid Media to Drive Loyalty and Advocacy


25 Tips for Using Paid Media to Drive Loyalty and Advocacy 

Paid media is a core aspect of any sound digital marketing campaign. With the increasing number of internet users, the need for quality digital marketing campaigns to drive sales, loyalty, and advocacy is becoming more apparent. Below are 25 pro tips for using paid media to drive loyalty and advocacy.

Set goals

To come up with goals, write down all that you expect to achieve from the campaign and then filter it to come up with a list of desired targets.

Set achievable goals

Your goals should be ambitious but achievable to avoid disappointments and over stretching of resources.

Be consistent

To achieve loyalty, your campaigns have to be reasonably long for maximum exposure. A campaign lasting for only a week will not cut it.

Tailor your campaign to your budget

If your budget is limited, figure out a way to stretch your campaigns over a longer period. You could go for intermittent campaigns of one week at a time with one week in between.

Permanently integrate paid media into your marketing strategy

Ideally, paid media should be a mainstay in your marketing strategy regardless of online presence.

Raise the bar

Make your goals more ambitious with each consecutive campaign so as to increase the efficacy of subsequent campaigns.

Concentrate on platforms with many repeat users

Your campaigns should be more focused on platforms that have an extensive range, and frequent return users such as Google, Facebook, etc. to facilitate repeat exposure.

Concentrate on engaging platforms

With snapchat for example, you are guaranteed of people seeing your ad for ten seconds which is enough time to make a permanent impression.

Compelling and interesting content

Make sure your paid media is entertaining. This way, people will form a habit of sharing it often hence exponentially increasing brand reach as well as loyalty.

Make your media informative

People gravitate towards educational media. If your content is informative, you are better placed to attract loyal customers.

Structure your media to provoke interaction

Formulate your media to stimulate interaction. Coupled with consistency, more people will interact with your brand giving you the chance to make lasting impressions.

Acquire email leads

Structure your media to facilitate generation of leads through emails. Getting email addresses is recommended since it offers an avenue you can exploit to promote loyalty.

Quality media

The media you use should promote the image your brand seeks to solidify. It should be well polished, and elegant.

Invest in quality owned media

Your website, blogs, and social media pages should be high-quality so as to impress upon the people captured by your paid campaigns that your brand treasures quality above all else.

Offer quality products/services

Word of mouth is the most potent tool for gaining loyalty. The only way to facilitate word of mouth is by ensuring that what you promote through paid media is truly high-quality.

Be ahead of the curve

If you fail to evolve and offer something better compared to your competitors, it will only be a matter of time before you lose your loyal clients. Being ahead of the curve is one of the most effective ways of ensuring you gain loyalty from customers gained via paid media.

Avoid blackhat strategies

You should not use content that tries to trick audiences into clicking, signing up, or purchasing. It may earn you mileage in the short term, but it will hurt customer loyalty in the long run.

Use offers

Frequently advertise offers and discounts through paid media so as to increase sales as well as advocacy and loyalty.

Make your offers time limited

Including a period in your offers and sticking to it is a good way to promote loyalty and nudge those who come across your paid media to be proactive.

Offer free gifts

By providing free gifts via paid campaigns, beneficiaries will feel indebted to you, and they will be more likely to repay your kindness by being loyal to your brand.

Make your paid campaigns targeted

Targeted campaigns with a high probability of reaching people in your niche are more likely to earn you loyal customers.

Track your progress

Keep track of return on investment using metrics. It will give you insight regarding what you need to do to make your campaigns more efficient.


If your paid media attracts other companies/businesses in your sector, network with them and create partnerships. This way, they can refer customers to you: referred customers tend to be very loyal.

Do follow-ups

People tend to stick where they feel cherished. Therefore, follow up both the customers you acquire through paid media as well as your existing clients.

Go for a reputable agency

If it all seems like too much for you, you can opt to go for a reputable agency that will eliminate all trial and error and boost the success chances of your paid media campaigns.

Customer loyalty takes time to build, and you should, therefore, not expect immediate results. That said, the most important aspect of building loyalty is consistency such that everyone who uses your products time and again can be confident of the same level of quality or experience.