25 Tips for Writing a Maternity Leave out of Office Message


25 Tips for Writing a Maternity Leave out of Office Message 

Maternity leave out of office messages are always crucial to continuity as they ensure clients are able to understand the absence and therefore adjust to the same effectively. Without the message, it is normally difficult to structure a working system where client needs will be handled to ensure there is no backlog of work and responsibilities when one returns from the maternity leave. When thinking of writing a maternity leave out of office message, here are 25 tips to consider:

Promise to get back at the person

It is courteous to tell the one reading the message that you will get back at them as soon as it will be possible to address the issue if it is you alone who can address it.

Provide contacts of next in line

A maternity leave out of office message should have the contacts of the person next in line who can offer the service being sought by the client of whoever is making contact.

Provide dated durations

An effective out of office message for women on maternity leave is one that contains the dated durations when one is expected to be out of the office. This is not only workable but also exudes competence in taking work seriously.

Inform you will not be reading emails

There are individuals who go on leave but still find time to read and respond to emails on an occasional basis but if you do not plan on that, it is important to communicate so that it is clear to the one reading the message.

Expected return

It is crucial that you provide an expected date of return and also advice people that you will be attending to queries once that date arrives.

Names of people assuming responsibility

It is fundamentally crucial that you provide the names of the people who will assume responsibility in your absence to ensure services have some level of continuity in your absence.

Period of leave

It is important to provide a duration like, “I will be out for 3 months.” This is important if you have not provided the dated durations as it gives a vague estimate of the period.

Segments affected by your absence

If you handle varied responsibilities and posts of which some must be addressed by you, it is important to note the segments that will be affected by your absence and those that will be delegated for clarity.

Set a date for email response

If you plan on sparing some time to respond to emails while on maternity leave, it is crucial that you provide the date when you plan to draft the responses.

Mention if it is extended leave on maternity leave

If you plan to have an extended leave on top of the maternity leave, it is important that you communicate the same so that people are made aware of the expected absence.

Thank the reader for making contact

One of the courteous ways to approach an out of office message is to thank the reader for making contact from the initial wording of the message.

Give option of leaving message or asking question

It is crucial that you mention the fact that the reader can opt to leave a message or forward a question for immediate action by the individuals who have assumed responsibility.

Structure both internal and external messages

An internal message is addressed to the co-workers and colleagues while an external message is tuned to address clients to the organization. They should have different wording and information details.

Place the signature a week before leaving

A favorable way to approach the out of office message is to place it as a signature a week before the leave commences. It should not be sudden to guarantee clients are aware of the expected absence.

Be official

It is preferable that you are official with the out of office message since it is an official communication explaining an absence from duty.

Inform avenue for immediate response

Since some like to check and address immediate cases, you can inform readers of an avenue that they can use for immediate response.

Keep it short

A maternity leave out of office message should be short and to the point which will mean direct communication.

Inform colleagues facing redirection messages

The colleagues that are supposed to take up the responsibilities should be informed that the redirections will be directed to them.

Apologize for absence

In the second line of the message, you should apologize for any inconveniences caused by the absence from duty.

Do not overshare

Sensitive details about the absence should not be shared as they only serve to lengthen the message which is boring and unethical.

Check for typos

Checking for typos is very important since it eliminates the possibility of miscommunication.

Include the voicemail

Out of office messages should not be for emails only and should be included in the voicemail system.

Mention if there will be intermittent access

If you are bound to have intermittent access to the job setting, it is advisable to communicate the same so that clients know when to find you.

Avoid being casual or funny

Being casual or funny should be done to the internal message addressed to colleagues otherwise it should be avoided.

Provide contacts for those needing immediate assistance

For emergency assistance and time sensitive issues, you should provide a contact that will help the case.