25 Most Useful AdWords Scripts


25 Most Useful AdWords Scripts    

AdWords scripts are a way for you to control you AdWords data programmatically. In short, scripts automate repetitive PPC tasks within AdWords. With such scripts, the optimization time can be cut almost in half. Here are the most useful scripts you should be using for automation of the most crucial aspects of AdWords.

The scripts have been divided into these five broad categories:

•  Reporting

•  Tools

•  Bidding

•  Alerts

•  Third Party Data


1.  Declining Ad Groups Report

AdWords Scripts developed it. It tracks ad groups whose performance declines over time. Thus, you can decide whether to turn them off or try to improve them.

2.  Analyze Quality Score In Detail

PPC Hero developed it. It allows users to make an analysis of Quality Score. It breaks down the various aspects of Quality Score such as expected CTR, landing page experience, and ad relevance to show you which aspects you should work on.

3.  Mobile PageSpeed 

AdWords Scripts develop it. The report provides you with a report that helps you gain insight on how to improve your mobile landing pages.

4.  Search Query Report 

The script is the brainchild of AdWords Developers. It allows you to find new negative reports from the search query report. You can tweak the script to find queries based on different criteria.

5.   Kratu Report 

It is a script developed by AdWords Developers. The script is best suited for SEO agencies. It display’s a client’s account performance based on various factors such as conversion rate, CTR, costs, and more.


6.  Pause Duplicate Broad Keywords

It is a script by Daniel Gilbert. It allows you to pause duplicate broad match keywords so that there is only a single broad match keyword running.

7.  Rotating Ad Copy, Missing Traffic Calculator

It is, also, a script by Daniel Gilbert. It is quite useful for ad testing. Thus, you can see how many conversions and additional traffic you could get by pausing an underperforming ad.

8.  Sale Countdown 

The script is developed by AdWords Scripts. It calculates the number of hours and days that a promotion will take. The script adds this to the ad text. It is crucial for those who hold limited sales.

9.  Ad Customizer 

The script, developed by AdWords Scripts, enables the user to fetch live data and insert it into ads. The benefit of live data is that it can be quite compelling for searchers.

10.  Spell Check Your Adverts 

The script, developed by Russell Savage, lets you correct spelling errors on your ads. It utilizes the Microsoft API to spell check words using Microsoft Word.


11.  Bid Testing Script

The script was developed by Google Developers. It helps you discover the level of bidding that will help you achieve your goals. The result is that you will find the sweet spot for your bids.

12.  Weather Based Bidding Script 

This script by Google Developers allows you to set the bids based on the weather. It is useful because the weather influences most searches.

13.  24 Bidding Script

This script by Daniel Gilbert lets you bid within your AdWords account 24 times every day. It is important because Google only allows for six bids each day. However, the script has found a walk around to this quagmire.

14.  Pause Ads with Low CTR 

The script by Russell Savage lets you pause the ad with low CTR is each ad group. The scripts help to save you time.

15.  Pause All Keywords with No Impressions

The script developed by Russell Savage allows you to pause keywords with no impressions. These are keywords that may have a negative impact on Quality Score.

Alerts and Stop Buttons

16.  Link Checker 

The script developed by AdWords Scripts allows you to detect broken links. It is a script that every account owner should have to avoid wasting money.

17.  Zero Impressions Alarm 

Catalyst Canada Contributor developed the script. It allows you to know when ads are not making any impressions. Consequently, you can use the data to rectify any issues.

18.  Changes in CTR 

It is a script developed by Sean Dolan that uses Google spreadsheets to detect changes in CTR. It is important if you have a successful ad and you want to see what may have triggered the success.

19.  Campaigns over CPA 

The script developed by Seal Dolan allows you to see when you campaigns overshoot your target. Thus, you do some optimization to reduce this number.

20.  Daily Alerts 

The script, developed by Sean Dolan, will send you alerts to your account, which are useful if you want to be kept updated on the performance of your account daily.

Third Party Data

21.  Bid by Weather 

The script, developed by AdWords Scripts lets you apply a bid modifier depending on the weather conditions via OpenWeatherMap API. It is essential for businesses which are seasonal.

22.  Stock Market Performance

It is a script developed by Russell Savage. It lets you use the performance of the stock market to adjust your bids using the Yahoo Finance API.

23.  Manage Ads Based On Airport Delays

The script developed by Russell Savage pauses or enables ads based on delays at airports. It is a great script especially for service-based businesses like bars and hotels.

24.  Leverage Amazon to Find High Commercial Intent Keywords

The script, which was developed by Derek Martin, allows you to use Amazon autocomplete to find new keywords.

25.  Put Crime Statistics in Your Creatives 

This script by Russell Savage updates keyword parameters based on the different types of crimes. It is beneficial to companies that are involved in the security sector.