25 Ways Businesses Are Reacting to Pokémon Go


25 Ways Businesses Are Reacting to Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go interests businesses and individuals for many reasons, one of which is the fact that it is better than other social media. For example, it has millions of dollars users and massive expansions in the stock market, which make it a force to reckon with in both the gaming and mobile markets since its launch. From a general perspective, Pokémon Go is akin to a pop culture phenomenon as it is the subject of online memes, discussions, meetups, and pub crawls, among other public events that draw people together. Since even those who do not play the game know it, one can only deduce that the population of Pokémon Go players will increase.

Numerous companies and businesses join in the Pokémon Go craze, getting ready to seize the great marketing opportunity it presents. Some of the establishments that use this game to lure people to flock their enterprises include global corporations such as the phone companies as well as the local pizzerias. In general, they plant lure modules or offer discounts to Gym trainers, but those are not the only measures they put to use. The following is an overview of 25 ways in which businesses react to Pokémon Go.

They set time for dropping lures.

Businesses use Pokémon Go to give deals to their customers.

Giving offers to customers who user Pokémon Go only

Giving offers to a particular group of Pokémon Go users such as Trainers within a specific location

Offering discounts to Pokémon customers. Most cafes and hotels use this approach to lure customers to their premises.

They also use Pokémon Go to advertise their services and products.

Some institutions such as the police use it warn the public, especially those driving. For example, the NYPD (New York Police Department) warned people against using Pokémon Go when driving via its Twitter account on July 11, 2016.

Businesses also use Pokémon Go to promote their products and services

They also use this game to host events such as Pokémon parties and tournaments to attract players to their premises or locations close to them.

Businesses also use Pokémon Go to expand their market shares. Since this game grows to become a global brand, the enterprises that use it aim at using it to reach out to various markets around the world.

They also use it to increase their global presence. Pokémon Go is a new mobile game, widely dominant in the United States, but it will become an international one, played in many nations around the world.

Businesses also use this game to increase their creativity level. For example, an NYC’s Doughnut Plant announced the introduction of Poke Seeds – doughnuts that resembles the Pokémon Go’s icon.

They use Pokémon Go to publish real-events. For example, the SeaWorld Orlando used its Twitter account on July 15, 2016, to invite Pokémon Go players to an event. Some businesses also use this game to educate the public.

Communicate with the clients. Just like any other social media, Pokémon Go enables businesses to reach out to the customers.

Since the biggest percentage of Pokémon Go players are of the group 13-32 years, companies that use Pokémon target the clients of the same age sets.

This information helps fashion establishments, which tend to sell their products in line with the age sets of their buyers.

Pokémon Go enables businesses to monitor the progress and operations of their rivals. With such information, they can develop ways of competing them.

Rejection is also another reaction that some businesses show towards the emergence of Pokémon Go. Some of them do not welcome of this game for any of their operations or even within their premises.

They also use this site to offer guide customers and give tips on how to shop and use their products

Some businesses also use Pokémon Go to connect to the other social media such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

They also use it study the market trends for their products and services

The game also provides a perfect opportunity for evaluating consumer behavior

Since the game enables them to adverts on the internet, it allows businesses to hire the appropriate staff.

Some establishments also to identify locations for new ventures.

They can also use this tool to strike deals and partnerships with other enterprises.