25 Ways How Digital Marketing is Changing Marketing


25 Ways How Digital Marketing is Changing Marketing  

The evolution of marketing as an industry is perfectly captured in the rise of digital marketing. From reliance on salespersons and face-to-face interactions, the majority of marketing efforts have now shifted online to make use of the internet as a marketing platform. Below are 25 ways how digital marketing is changing marketing.

24-hour customer service

Traditional marketing had little regard for customer care, but digital marketing is changing all that through 24-hour customer service to boost customer loyalty.

Collecting useful data

Digital marketing has made it easy to collect meaningful transaction and customer data which can provide valuable insights useful in fine-tuning marketing strategies.

Quality analytics

With data, comes analytics since it is the only way to extract insights from information. Digital marketing has brought about fast growth in analytic tactics to make sense of marketing data.


Insights gleaned through analytics have had the cumulative effect of boosting the efficiency of marketing efforts and streamlining the process in its entirety.

Return on Investment

Digital marketing has sealed most marketing loopholes with the resultant effect being greater ROI.

Increased use of technology

Technology and advanced software continue to find a ready home in marketing courtesy of the technical shift in the field brought about by digital marketing.

More marketing channels

Social media and email marketing are perfect examples of how digital marketing has bumped up the number of channels usable in efficiently conducting an advertising campaign.


Innovative automated technologies that have zero risks of downtime, making errors, or getting tired are replacing marketing posts such as tellers, and sales persons.

Personnel cuts

In line with automation in the marketing chain, personnel cuts have been the norm as in-store staff workers are being slowly replaced by technology.

More power to the consumer

Digital marketing is empowering to the consumer since it avails a wealth of options for any particular thing the consumer might want to purchase, in addition to making the shopping process more hassle free.

Death of hard sell tactics

With reduced salesperson-consumer interactions during the purchasing process, hard sell tactics are witnessing a deserved death which favors consumers by injecting a dose of freedom into shopping.

Level playing field

Initially, only companies with humongous budgets could afford effective marketing campaigns, but digital marketing has brought positive change by making it possible to actualize resounding campaigns on a budget.

More convenience

Digital marketing has elevated convenience for both marketers and consumers as both can go about their work and shopping needs at their desired pace.

Wider reach

The biggest contribution of digital marketing has been the enormous increase of reach by adding effective channels for accessing audiences.

Cost-effective marketing

Digital marketing has brought an element of cost-effectiveness to traditional marketing by making it possible to implement cheaper hybrid campaigns.

Real-time results

Traditional marketing takes time to avail results, but digital strategies have improved this by making it possible to quickly obtain and keep track of metrics of interest.

The viral aspect

Another plus, digital marketing offers the opportunity of making a product or service go viral which is something no traditional marketing channel could ever offer.

Competition increase

With more firms able to conduct effective campaigns courtesy of digital marketing, competition among companies has skyrocketed.


With competition comes the need for innovation to stay ahead of the curve and this has precisely been the case. Digital marketing continues to bring about seemingly limitless creativity, and innovation as the need to stand out in the industry takes root.

A less intrusive approach to marketing

Typical marketing strategies such as cold calling are invasive, but digital marketing is changing all this by offering more consumer-friendly advertising channels.

Ad blindness

Sadly, with the rise of digital marketing, ads are being placed virtually everywhere which has led to an increased degree of ad blindness due to the numbing effect of over exposure.

The rise of give-to-receive

With ad blindness, it has become apparent that the typical ad is not effective anymore. As such, companies have taken a give-to-receive approach to marketing by offering bonuses, eBooks, free samples, money back guarantees, etc., to drive sales.

Refined targeting

While traditional advertising assumes a blanket approach, digital marketing is more refined and targeted. Hence, the hybrid approach has developed as a more efficacious way of driving sales.

Increased engagement

Particularly through social media advertising, digital marketing has brought the upside of audience engagement to marketing which contributes immensely to building customer loyalty.

In-depth integration of marketing into daily life

Social media and the internet are a staple in the everyday lives of many millennials with most spending over an hour on electronic devices daily. As such, digital marketing has managed to integrate marketing into people’s everyday lives.

Digital marketing has already wiped out a significant chunk of traditional marketing with the obsolescence of the yellow pages acting as solid proof. It is evolution in its purest form and excitement is rampant since current and forthcoming changes are sure to result in a better marketing environment.