25 Ways How Digital Marketing Evolved in Houston Texas


25 Ways How Digital Marketing Evolved in Houston Texas   

The digital marketing arena evolves rapidly, which is a good thing for the change savvy but bad news for complacent individuals. In Houston, digital marketing has grown in leaps and bounds and shed its skin many times to become what it is now. Below is a 25-point recap of the evolution journey digital marketing has undergone in Houston.

Advent of digital assistants

Not a city to be left behind, Houston residents have been at the forefront in utilizing renowned digital assistants such as Siri, and Google now. As such, digital marketing has followed suit, and text-based content is now largely formatted in a digital-assistant friendly manner.

Mobile traffic surpassing desktop traffic

With mobile traffic surpassing desktop traffic, digital marketing in Houston has been shifting concentration from being desktop-based to being mobile-based.

Increased utilization of social media platforms

A while back, social media marketing was often just a small percentage of the marketing budget; but now, more firms are increasing investment in social media in light of the results that can be enjoyed.

Uptake of the hybrid approach

For quite a while, it was either traditional marketing or digital marketing for many firms, but this is now in the past as the hybrid approach grows in popularity as a way of maximizing the strong points of both strategies.

Installation of digital signage equipment

With digital signage gaining popularity, integrated signage systems have been installed in banking halls and other amenity locations in the city.

Digital displays replacing billboards

Smart digital displays that favor easy and fast content updates have replaced billboards in many locations.

Analytical-driven marketing

Not only has digital marketing in Houston evolved to become more analytical-driven, but it has also increasingly taken advantage of big data to fine-tune approaches used.


Digital marketing all over the world has increasingly been utilizing technological fixes to increase efficiency and patch problem areas, and the same has been so in Houston.

Establishment of digital marketing departments in many companies

Houston-based companies have been at the forefront in establishing digital marketing departments in light of the apparent benefits of online advertising.

Mushrooming of digital marketing firms

Digital marketing firms have mushroomed in Houston to satisfy demand and take advantage of available opportunities. In a bid to build a reputation, most offer quality services.

Formulation of engaging campaigns

Compared to campaigns of the past, current campaigns are designed to catalyze audience interaction in a bid to cultivate healthy customer-company relations.

Out-of-the-box approaches

Digital marketing companies in Houston have evolved into more innovative outfits via implementing creative, out-of-the-box strategies. This, in turn, has created a gap for creatives as companies seek to have unique identifying factors.

Digital marketing courses

Learning institutions in the city and the state have developed sound curriculums to train individuals wishing to pursue careers in digital marketing; hence, further boosting the industry.

Use of newer social sites

Houston digital advertising outfits and individuals have found nifty ways to utilize recent social sites such as Tinder and Snapchat, which paints the city’s marketing sector as robust.

Shift from invasive marketing

A while back, marketing was directly interruptive, but this has slowly ceased as focus shifts to non-intrusive marketing efforts supported by data which enables targeting.


A few years ago, digital marketing was the preserve of a few non-professionals who gave black hat advice such as link spamming, keyword stuffing and the like. Currently, this is not the case as the sector has developed into a mainstream, professional industry.

Many digital marketing specialists

The number of digital marketing specialists in Houston has skyrocketed with more people taking up courses and certifications is a bid to make a name for themselves.

Increased digital marketing budget allocation

The biggest growth pointer of the city’s digital marketing industry has been the consistent increase of digital marketing budgets by firms and businesses to drive more sales.

Content quality

To compete with the very best, mainstream sites in Houston have elevated the quality of their video, text and audio content to trending industry standards.

Award schemes and ceremonies

Digital marketing awards and ratings such as ‘best content producer’ were rare in the past, but they are now the norm as outfits compete for recognition.

Increased competition

With more firms entering the market, stiff competition was inevitable, and the same has exactly been the case with firms striving to outdo each other.

Result/performance oriented

Digital marketing in Houston has become all about results and performance efficiency with only hardcore results separating the majority of companies from each other.

Client and quality oriented

Marketing enterprises have evolved into genuinely caring about the plight of the client. Building trust and healthy relationships is now commonplace.

Two-way approach

Firms have realized that giving something first is the best way to build loyalty and entice potential customers. To this end, Houston’s digital marketing companies have been incorporating this approach in their strategies.

Digital P.R and Brand building

Digital platforms have gotten more recognition as ideal tools for building brand loyalty, presence, and furthering P.R goals in Houston and the country in general.

Digital marketing has evolved in more ways than those discussed above. What is for sure, however, is that in order to take advantage of future opportunities courtesy of industry evolution, attention to detail will be crucial so as to foretell the same.