25 ways Donald Trump extreme vetting affects immigration in the US


25 ways Donald Trump extreme vetting affects immigration in the US    

The extreme vetting that president Trump has put in place coupled with the executive orders that restrict entry of some citizens have had a massive impact on the immigration in the US. 25 significant ways the rules have affected immigration include:

Foreign relations are dented

The aspect of foreign relations has been dented by the barred entry of citizens from other nations which is portraying a discriminative picture on the US.

Talented individuals are being barred from entry

Talented individuals looking to provide highly skilled labor in the US are being barred from entry under the extreme vetting process.

Students from select countries are finding hard to enroll

Enrolling to US higher learning institutions has become a hard task to negotiate for some students in select countries due to the executive orders signed by Trump.

Individuals being barred from re-entry

Individuals on study Visas are having their permits revoked under the extreme vetting rules and can therefore not re-ether the US after the winter break.

Legit Visa owners fear leaving the country

Individuals with legit Visas fear travelling out of the US with the extreme vetting in place and lawyers are actually setting up at airport terminals to aid citizens stranded when trying to come back to the US.

Suspension of immigrant Visas

The executive orders on extreme vetting have suspended the issuance of immigrant Visas until new guidelines and measures are set up which means a disruption of normal services.

Refugees are barred from entry

Refugees from the war-torn countries have been barred from entering the US with the onset of the extreme vetting rules and the executive orders by president Trump.

Dual nationals are uncertain

A major issue arising from the extreme vetting is the factor on how to handle the dual nationals and this is a subject that has elicited questions especially with the proposed immigration policies.

Airports and border points are vigilant

A peculiar factor to note with the extreme vetting rules is that airports and respective border points will be extremely vigilant which will mean additional checks at every entry.

Suspension of In-person interviews with asylum-seekers

The most significant change that has been brought by the extreme vetting is the suspension of In-Person interviews for asylum-seekers which means no individuals will be cleared in the foreseeable future.

US Citizenship and Immigration services slowed

The department of state handling citizenship and immigration will undoubtedly experience a slow delivery of services with the varied changes in policy that will prompt fresh approaches.

Uncertainty for F-1 Visa holders

F-1 Visa holders have already faced some uncertainty with some Visas already revoked and it remains to be seen how the immigration department will handle the individuals affected.

Scrutiny of multiple-entry Visas

There will be extended scrutiny of multiple-entry Visas to evaluate status which will mean seamless entry will be affected.

Green card holders from stated countries are affected

The green card holders from communicated countries will be affected when re-entering the country from travels with the extreme vetting measures.

Individuals undergoing extra checks

Routine checks will be phased out with extra checks for individuals being introduced which will make individuals feel targeted as well as hinder ease of movement.

Work and study Visas are at an uncertain stage

The viability and ease of being issued with a work or study Visa is at an uncertain stage with the extreme vetting which will definitely rule out many individuals and deny people chances.

Legal outcry on immigration policies

Multinationals like Apple are already preparing petitions with legal outcry on the new immigration policies which are effecting operations and ease of travel for personnel.

Strict entry rules

The direct consequence of the extreme vetting is strict entry rules that will have to be met in totality before admission into the US.

Delayed issuing of entry Visas

The extreme vetting will mean more hours dedicated to scrutiny which will translate to delayed issuing of Visas.

Backlog of approvals for entry

With added and extreme vetting, approvals for entry into the US will ultimately take longer in the initial stages which will mean a backlog of approvals will be experienced.

Restricted freedoms of stay

The freedoms to stay and work in the US will be severely affected with new regulations that will require individuals immigrating to be of significant value to the US.

Chocking of international terminals

With the extreme vetting rules in full swing, the international terminals of US airports will undoubtedly be choked with individuals who have failed to meet the criteria stipulated for entry to the US.

Restricted admission to the US

Admission to the US will be severely scrutinized and this will mean that many individuals will face restrictions that will block their entry to the US.

Families will be subject to new vetting protocols

Families trying to immigrate into the US will find themselves subjected to new vetting protocols unlike what has been used in the past which will ultimately restrict some individuals from entry and stay.

Limited foreign visits to the US

The extreme vetting rules have adversely affected the number of foreign visits to the US with many failing to get approval while others simply to stay away to avoid being targeted.