25 Ways Donald Trump Will Affect Marketing Professionals


25 Ways Donald Trump Will Affect Marketing Professionals 

In his campaign trail, Donald Trump’s manifesto included a list of radical policies. Now that he is president, professionals in different quarters are in limbo awaiting to see just how serious he is regarding implementation of some of his more radical proposed laws. Concerning marketers, below are 25 ways Donald Trump will affect marketing professionals.

Marketers of Chinese products

Marketing professionals dealing with products from China should be prepared for turbulent times ahead. President Trump plans to implement a 45% tax policy on all goods imported from China.

Import marketers

In general, import marketers will have to deal with increased taxation of imported goods. Trump plans to put in place a 20% tax duty on imports in a bid to reduce importation of goods that can be produced in the U.S.

Export marketers

The proposed pulling out of the U.S from the Trans-Pacific Trade Partnership is likely to affect marketing professionals who benefit from the agreement by exporting their wares.


E-vetting is going to be implemented to the letter meaning that marketing professionals without necessary papers may face challenging times ahead.

Immigrant marketers

Immigrant professional marketers without all the requisite documentation may be deported. However, of late, Trump has relaxed his stance concerning the deportation of immigrants.

Marketers from minority groups

With his hard stance on Muslims relating to terrorism, professional Muslim marketers are likely to suffer increased personal scrutiny and stereotyping.

Defense industry marketers

Marketers dealing with weaponry and other security products may be well-aligned to make handsome returns since Trump plans to expand the army and purchase more military equipment.

Energy industry marketers

Marketers involved in promoting crude oil based energy products such as oil and gas products may gain from a Trump presidency since he plans to remove constrictive environmental regulations.

Wind and Solar product marketers

Trump intends to reinstate coal as one of the primary energy sources meaning that there will be reduced uptake of renewable energy products such as solar panels.

Better Infrastructure

The president has ambitious infrastructure plans which will see bridges built, roads repaired, etc. This will improve the general quality of life for the American citizen including professional marketers.

Infrastructure products

In line with the planned aggressive development of infrastructure, the demand for infrastructure products such as steel will increase meaning that professional marketers dealing with such products will benefit.

Stock marketers

As stock market players rush to align themselves favorably based on industry sectors Trump policies most focus on; stock marketing professionals are benefitting by earning more money, a trend likely to continue.

Lower taxes

According to one of Trump’s proposed plans, marketing professionals, and taxpayers, in general, will be able to subtract child care expenses from their income tax for a maximum of four children.

Workplace Childcare

Companies will be mandated to provide childcare for its employees which will benefit employed marketing professionals.

Cost of doing business

Marketing professionals who own marketing companies will most likely have to deal with an increase in the cost of doing business due to policies such as workplace childcare for employees.

Less revenue

Professional marketers, especially those dealing with goods that will attract more tax are likely to get less revenues from their efforts.

Marketers dealing with counterfeit products

Marketing professionals involved in marketing counterfeit goods will face trouble due to Trump’s hard stance on the sale of counterfeits.

Internet marketers

Donald Trump is committed to closing down parts of the web used by terrorist groups to get recruits. This move may affect some of the channels used by professional marketers.

Drug marketers

The proposed legalization of drugs will cause more users to purchase from mainstream stockists hence availing golden opportunities for professional marketers to take advantage of.

Insurance policy marketers

Trump will make it possible to buy insurance policies across different states which will favor marketing professionals in the insurance industry.

Better healthcare system

One of Trump’s targets is to work with Congress to create a patient-oriented healthcare system which will benefit all citizens including marketing professionals.

Labor import costs

Trump will implement 15% taxation on all imported labor which will hurt marketing agencies which import labor.

Increased opportunities

The best thing about a Trump presidency for marketers is the direct focus on creating jobs and building the economy. It will increase the population’s spending power hence availing more opportunities for professional marketers.

Removal of loopholes

Trump will oversee the removal of policy Loopholes used by rich marketers and the rich in general.

Tax breaks

Marketing professionals and people earning less than $25,000 ($50,000 for couples) per annum will not pay income tax.

As is evident, as a professional marketer, the key to thriving during this forthcoming period of unprecedented changes is, first of all, to ensure that you have all the necessary documentation. Secondly, it will be smart to align yourself with industries and products likely to witness increased demand so as to rake in maximum benefits.