25 Ways Donald Trump Will Affect Oil and Gas in Houston


25 Ways Donald Trump Will Affect Oil and Gas in Houston  

Trump has been quite vocal about the United States’ oil and gas industry. For one, he was quite anti-regulation during the campaign. His win could signal good times ahead for Oil and Gas in Houston.

However, only time can tell how his policies will affect the oil and gas sector in Houston. Although most people expect his presidency to have a huge boost for oil and gas, there are those that are skeptical. For one, they suspect that he will have a hard time getting things to pass through Congress.

Besides that, his policies could be held up in litigation by environmental groups. Thus, the only way to assess the exact impact of his policies is to wait.

Here is how his win is projected to affect the oil and gas sector in Houston:

1.  He will allow the use of new technologies that allow oil companies to access previously unreachable oil resources in Texas.

2.  His deregulation stance on the energy sector, in general, could lead to more money being poured into the oil and gas sector of Houston. The result is that Houston’s economy could experience some phenomenal growth in coming months.

3.  Trump’s win will lead to increased exploration activity for oil and gas in Houston.

4.  The oil and gas sector will create more jobs for the Houston economy, which already had some low employment numbers.

5.  It will lead to increased investment in the use of oil exploration technology. With Trump’s policies expected to favor oil and gas, more money could be poured into R&D to make exploration technology more economically viable.

6.  Trump’s effort to boost oil production could negatively affect oil prices. It could cause a glut, which will depress oil prices.

7.  Trump could dismantle the Iranian deal, ending the country’s goal of reaching 4m/bpd. The result is that it could end speculation that an oil glut could hit the world.

8.  Trump could curb enthusiasm about investment in the Iranian oil sector. Consequently, that money could be redirected into the Houston oil and gas sector.

9.  Trump could revive the Keystone pipeline. It will make it easy to transport oil and gas.

10.  Trump could also approve the development of other pipelines in Texas and other oil-producing regions of America. It will make the transportation of oil and gas from the fields quite easy.

11.  Trump will likely end drilling restrictions on Federal land. Under Obama, Federal lands had become off limits for oil and gas companies.

12.  Funding for federal oil and gas research and development could get a boost under Trump’s presidency.

13.  Trump could reduce environment restrictions on oil and gas drilling in Houston. It will undoubtedly create numerous opportunities for the oil and gas investors in Texas.

14.  Trump move to reduce restrictions on the oil and gas sector could encourage foreign investment in the American oil and gas sector. It could lead to a major boost to the economy.

15.  Under Trump, fracking will increase. It will give a boost to the oil and gas sector of Houston. It will also cement the U.S. position as a net exporter of crude oil and gas.

16.  Trump’s presidency could lead to reduced investment in wind energy and solar energy. The result is that all this money could be redirected towards oil and gas in Houston.

17.  A Trump presidency could dampen enthusiasm for investing in technologies that lead to clean oil and gas production. Thus, a few companies in the oil and gas sector of Houston could fold.

18.  Any investment in the oil and gas industry that had been put on hold because of Obama’s win could proceed without any hesitation.

19.  Investment in sectors supportive of the oil and gas sector such as oil and gas equipment production companies could grow.

20.  Colleges and institutions that offer oil and gas related courses could increase in the Houston to cater to the employment boom that is expected to hit the oil and gas sector.

21.  Investment in companies that support green technologies to counter the effects of oil and gas in Houston could be depressed by Trump.

22.  Environmental advocates opposed to the expansion of oil and gas in Houston will have less of a firm footing if Trump abolishes much of the oil and gas regulation.

23.  Trump is expected to scrape or revise major trade deals such as NAFTA and the TPP. It could make the oil and gas oriented manufacturing in the Houston Oil and gas sector more competitive than before.

24.  The oil and gas sector in Houston will create millions of jobs. It could help reduce the unemployment numbers in the United States. It will thus reduce the number of people who are dependent on the government.

25.  Trump has promised to invest more in infrastructure. It could open up new areas that were previously inaccessible to oil explorers. His investment could open up huge chunks of land, thus giving a further boost to the oil and gas sector of Houston.