25 Ways Donald Trump Will Affect Travel Agents


25 Ways Donald Trump Will Affect Travel Agents

Donald Trump has many professionals fretting due to uncertainties emanating from his radical proposed laws. Travel agents in particular, are a wary lot since Trump took a very hard stance on immigration and inbound travel. Below are 25 ways Donald Trump will affect travel agents.

Reduced foreign bookings

Travel agents will have to grapple with reduced numbers of hotel bookings from foreigners since Trump will make the border and the customs process more demanding.

Local uptake of travel packages

Trump’s focus on building the economy and availing jobs means that in the long run, people will have increased spending power. An increase in spending power will mean more business for travel agents since more people will have the ability to take holidays.

Reduced bookings from terrorist hotbeds

Aggressive anti-terrorism laws will make it harder for foreigners from terrorist hotbeds to get into the U.S hence travel agents will miss the related opportunities.

Travel arrangements to Mexico

Taking into consideration the proposed wall, it will be harder for travel agents to make travel arrangements to and from Mexico due to increased scrutiny.

Reduced bookings from Muslim countries

During the campaign period, Trump said he would bar all Muslims from getting into America. While this is unlikely, what is certain is that a Trump presidency will discourage Muslim travelers from visiting which will reduce business for travel agents.

Travel agents’ rates

Due to all the policies likely to affect travel agents negatively, it is reasonably probable that most agents will increase rates in a bid to maintain profitability.

Reduced revenues for travel agents

Before the forthcoming upheaval in the tourism industry settles, travel agents are likely to witness periods of reduced income.

Immigrant travel agents

Immigrant travel agents should be poised for hard times ahead since Trump did not mince words concerning how he will deal with immigrants without proper documentation.

15% labor import tax

Trump’s proposed 15% tax on imported labor will reduce labor-based hotel and flight bookings since companies will prefer to hire locals as opposed to foreigners.

Foreign travel agents

Foreign travel agents are likely to lose their jobs because of the proposed taxation of imported labor which may instigate retrenchment.

Revised travel packages

Constrictive immigration laws are likely to result in travel agents’ altering their packages so as to remain relevant and continue to make a reasonable income.

Improved infrastructure

Trump’s focus on building infrastructure will spur travel and improve the quality of life for American citizens.

Higher cost of doing business for agencies

Policies such mandatory childcare and six weeks leave for new mothers are likely to increase operating expenses for travel agencies. Travel agents may feel the pinch through retrenchment, reduced pay, etc.

Lower taxes

Trump plans to reduce the tax burden on the working population which will favor everyone including travel agents.

Lower taxes for businesses

In line with cutting taxes, Trump also plans to reduce taxes paid by medium and small businesses meaning that medium and small travel agencies will benefit.


Health concerns are a big part of travel and Trump’s focus to improve healthcare is likely to encourage health-conscious people to travel more which will be a plus for travel agents.

Better quality of life

In the long run, the majority of Trump’s policies will have a positive effect on the quality of life of American citizens. Before getting to that point, however, travel agents may first have to deal with turbulent times.

Tax cuts

One of Trump’s proposed laws will abolish income tax for single individuals earning less than $25,000 and couples earning less than $50,000. Travel agents in lower income brackets will benefit. Pragmatically, though, such a law may never see the light of day.

Local tourism

Tax cuts will also fan local tourism since people will have more money at their disposal to spend which will benefit travel agents.


In the long run, the economy-boosting policies Trump plans to implement will create opportunities for many professionals including travel agents.

Muslim travel agents

Muslim travel agents are likely to come under increased scrutiny especially when catering for Muslim travelers considering the general stereotype concerning Muslims and terrorism.

Job loss

Travel agents may be among those projected to lose jobs (132,000) as a consequence of Trump policies which will stifle tourism from Muslim countries, Mexico and probably Cuba.

Partnership for open skies

Airlines hope that Trump will push a partnership for open skies which may reduce flight costs. Such an act will encourage travel hence benefitting travel agents.

Value of U.S dollar

Some policies may weaken the dollar which may hurt outbound tourism.

Adverse reactions from other countries

Some countries such as Mexico may reciprocate the hard stance on travelers which may hurt outbound tourism and make work harder for agents.

According to experts, Donald Trump’s effect on tourism will either be very negative, or very positive. Travel agents, consequently, may benefit or suffer. What is for certain, however, is that change is on the way – and change is never easy.