25 ways Donald Trump’s Immigration policy will affect Chinese students


25 ways Donald Trump’s Immigration policy will affect Chinese students  

Donald Trump has been a controversial figure ever since the presidential campaigns and now that he is the president elect, a worry has crept in concerning the proposed changes in policy that he was advocating for. One of the affected sectors was immigration and with Donald Trump having proposed changes to the immigration policies and laws, immigrants and foreign students are watching on with a keen eye. Here are 25 ways the proposed immigration changes may affect Chinese students.

Strict vetting by U.S government

With most illegal immigrants being students who have expired study visas, there is bound to strict vetting for any present and aspiring students.

Strict VISA guidelines

There are bound to be more regulations and stipulations within the student Visas that Chinese students are afforded by the U.S government.


With Trump having labelled China as taking over the U.S, Chinese students will be viewed as utilizing the resources that would otherwise be available for native students.

DACA revocation

With DACA having been the lifeline for many foreign students, Chinese students may face a tough time staying in the U.S past their study duration owing to revocation of DACA.

Expensive tuition

With further requirements to be placed in order for a student from China to study in the U.S, the tuition fees are bound to skyrocket making it expensive.

Scholarship availability

With stricter immigration policies, foreign scholarships are sure to be limited in availability to students from the nations in direct competition with the U.S of which China is one.

Hard situation after study

With the America first notion running, Chinese students will find it hard to live in the U.S after study.

Difficulty to survive economically

Surviving economically for foreign students has always been a factor of support and cooperation between respective countries and with strict immigration rules set to be realized, students will find it hard.

Visa denials

With the extensive screening of foreign students, Visa denials may be experienced by Chinese students if they do not meet set criteria.

Losing student status

Of the foreign students studying in the U.S, 3% are undocumented and a significant portion of the same are Chinese students and the proposed policies may lead to them losing that status.

Reduced recruitment

With most institutions being pushed to take up native students, Chinese and other foreign students may face reduced recruitment positions.

Reduced post-study job prospects

Chinese students will find it hard to secure jobs post-study since the immigration policies may lead to them being denied work permits and Visas.

Hard navigation of college admissions

Chinese students will face hard navigation of college admissions due to the prerequisites that will be placed before their applications are accepted.

Reduced grace period after expiration of Visas

Chinese students will ultimately face reduced grace periods after the expiration of their student Visas to make them leave the U.S and not secure jobs locally.

Policy on withdrawal from school

With the change in the immigration policies, the policies on withdrawal from school are also bound to change in terms of the period a student can stay in the U.S upon withdrawing from school.

Screening based on faith and religion

Chinese students with an affiliation to the Islamic faith or with an Islamic name may be subjected to heavy screening.

Less Visa options

Chinese students who are holders of H 1B Visas may find it hard to have extensive Visa options when it comes to securing jobs and staying in the U.S.

Embraced higher learning

The proposed immigration policies are tuned to engage the embracing of higher learning by Chinese students with designated study and job plans for foreign students.

Nativist policies

The immigration laws that have been proposed by President elect Donald Trump will advocate for nativist policies which will focus on the native American students therefore neglecting the Chinese students.

Course selection and acceptance

Chinese students applying for study in the U.S will be faced with a tough scrutiny process when it comes to course selection and acceptance.

Limited freedom as students

Chinese students will be faced with limited freedom when studying in the U.S that will cover working outside campus and other operational freedoms.

Fewer racism cases

With the immigration policies set to legally ratify the foreign students in the U.S, there are bound to be fewer racism cases against Chinese students due to accepted status.

Ease in fitting in

With legally accepted Chinese students due to get accorded support, the students will have an easy time settling in and adjusting to stay in the U.S.

Lesser deportations

The strict immigration policies will mean lesser deportations for Chinese students since the screening will mean deserving students are given their chance.

Balanced resource use

Chinese students will have equal chances with other foreign students due to the strict immigration regulations that have been proposed that will level the field of study.