25 Ways Graphic Designers Can Make Extra Income


25 Ways Graphic Designers Can Make Extra Income  

Graphic designers are among the most creative professionals and this means their resource base is extensive. All that creativity can be seamlessly utilized to generate extra income and ensure that conventional income is supplemented which results in flexibility. There are varied avenues that graphic designers can explore in a bid to generate extra income. The top 25 ways to make extra income include:

Sell unused files

The most lucrative mode of getting extra income for graph9ic designers is selling unused files. With graphic designers manifesting as creative geniuses, varied designs are bound to be the norm and this means extra income can be generated from selling the logos, icons and illustrations that have not been picked up by conventional clients.

Host Skillshare classes

Skillshare is one of the standout destinations for graphic design students willing to learn the trade and hosting a class as a graphic design professional is one way of making extra income. The graphic designer hosting the class earns for every student that subscribes.


The consulting service in graphic design is trending and a graphic designer can generate income from teaching others how to duplicate the success they have.


With a blog, a graphic designer can share the experiences and advice on how to perfect the designing process and get paid for the traffic.

Utilize Creative Market

Creative Market is a hub of creativity where graphic designers create and sell digital files seamlessly.

Target Envato

Graphic designers with a passion for web themes, video and 3D models can target Envato as it is a market place where they can sell the creations for extra income.

Affiliate marketing

Specialists within the graphic design industry can focus on affiliate marketing and generate income by marketing fellow professionals.

Explore Fiverr

With Fiverr, a graphic designer gets to utilize a successful platform and gets to keep 80% of the proceeds from any sale of their creative work.

Write an eBook

An eBook about graphic designing is bound to generate extra income as aspiring designers target getting the appropriate knowledge to enable them take the next step in the field.

Be part of Inkd

At Inkd, graphic designers get to develop their skills by designing and selling small projects like the creation of brochures, business cards and letterheads while getting paid for the same.

Utilize Society 6

The beauty of Society 6 is that graphic designers get to create their unique designs and sell the same to be printed on phone cases, mugs and bags for a fee.

Create Typeface and sell

A graphic design specialist can create Typeface and either license or sell the same for extra income.

Partnering with Redbubble

The best part of being a part of the setup at Redbubble is that the company prints and ships merchandise including T-Shirts and the designer gets a commission.

Selling WordPress themes

Making extra income for a graphic designer can come in the form of selling unique WordPress themes that have been creatively developed.

Being a part of Etsy

Etsy is a platform that lets graphic designers list their creative work at a cost of $0.20 per month and once a client buys, the platform only takes 3.5% of the sales.

Guest writing

Popular websites offer guest writing at attractive rates and it therefore stands as one of the most effective ways of making extra income for a graphic designer.

Targeting the Threadless experience

Threadless offers contests for graphic designers and rewards the winners with huge payouts including commission for every use that their design is put to.

Making use of Udemy

With Udemy, graphic designer get to host classes and get paid for the same at rates that the designer agrees to with the platform.

Selling Print on Demand products

This is one of the genius ideas that graphic designers can exploit as it ensures T-shirts, posters and personal items are branded by a creative design. The beauty is that no upfront investment in inventory is required and with the custom item market being huge, the opportunities are endless.

Graphic design templates

Creating and selling graphic design templates is another avenue that a graphic designer can explore since it has the possibility of generating income at an advanced setting.

Selling solutions

With the digital world being based on providing solutions to unsolved problems, a graphic designer can sell solutions to problems in the graphic design niche.

Holding workshops

At workshops, a graphic designer can share a technique or idea that they have perfected over time at a fee that the audience pays for access.

Sell Ads

For graphic designers with a following on their public profile and a traffic laden website, selling Ad space is a way of making extra income.

Public speaking

In conferences and events where graphic designers gather, an graphic designer can take up public speaking and be paid for the input.

Add-ons to design

Reselling a hosting service or upselling design projects is a way of earning extra income for graphic designers.