25 Ways to Improve SEO with Inspirational Web Design in 2017


25 Ways to Improve SEO with Inspirational Web Design in 2017      

Though web design has evolved into being majorly about aesthetics and appeal, functionality and rank are still vitally important. This necessitates ways in which cutting-edge and inspirational web design can marry together with SEO to come up with a site that scores highly in all areas. Below are 25 inspirational web design schemes making headway that can also enhance SEO.

Infinite scrolling

Also known as the timeline style, it involves developing a site that offers content in a Facebook style format. It is regarded as more user-friendly since many people are already in the habit scrolling social sites extensively.

Use of GIFs

GIFs, if executed properly, can draw attention to particular aspects of the site such as offers hence increasing conversions and improving user-experience.


Closely connected to GIFs, animations have the capability of bringing a site to life by injecting liveliness and vibrancy. However, their efficacy greatly depends on execution.


Web designers in 2017 are likely to continue making use of captivating images to tantalize visitors since they can easily be changed giving the site a breath of fresh air often.

3D shapes

Incorporating 3D shapes is ultra-modern and likely to increase in the coming year. It requires finesse and a minimalist approach regarding all else to avoid going overboard.

Vivid color

Vivid color schemes make a site memorable hence enhancing traffic and contributing to SEO by bumping up the site’s ratings.

Showy typography

Unlike days past, developers now have extensive freedom to play around with typography which avails a great channel to exhibit creativity and make a website stand out.

Artsy designs

Art in web design is back in style. It is an excellent way to come up with an entirely unique website that tells a story through captivating art that will impress site visitors.

Super simple layouts

Simple and easily digestible layouts coupled with enchanting images offer a great way to marry both website functionality and aesthetics. It is a trend that is likely to pick up more steam in the coming year.

Imagery over text

One of the big trends that is unlikely to decelerate, the use of images over text makes content more digestible and boosts appeal.

Explorative websites

Explorative website design that gives guests the opportunity to explore spaces such as museums, shops, etc., are currently a big hit – a situation that is unlikely to change anytime soon.


Liking, pinning a photo, and retweeting are good examples of how micro-interactions can improve user experience when applied unconventionally in web design. They offer a good way of promoting user-website interaction.

Utilizing real content in the design process

Commencing design implementation by using actual data is enlightening since it gives a realistic and grounded presentation of the website. It can help the designer adapt and change the style accordingly for maximum functionality.

Minimalist approach

A minimalist approach significantly enhances site quality and reduces the risk of designing a cluttered website. The trick lies in coming up with a simple design that is elegant and unique as it is simple.

The conversational approach

The more natural conversational approach offers one of the best ways to reduce the many menus guests have to scroll through to get to what they want especially for service oriented websites.

Video integration

In line with the increasing dependency on images, incorporation of videos into sites is rampant since it offers more digestible and appealing content to guests such as product description, funny clips, etc.


Slideshows are an excellent way of elevating content appeal which is why it is a trend likely to pick up more steam in 2017. From interesting facts to inspirational images, a slideshow can easily captivate a guest’s attention and enhance a site’s ranking.

Live chat widget

The fact that live chat increases site quality, ranking, and user experience is proof enough that it is here to stay. Customizing the chat widget is a surefire way to make a better impression.

Push notifications

A great way of capturing attention, push notifications are a must in today’s age of live online chats.


Duotones, created by mixing a grayscale image with a vibrant see-through color, enhance site appeal and memorability without negatively impacting legibility and content presentation.

Storytelling using images

Images that tell a story have a special place in many people’s hearts due to the picture heavy books many read as kids. It remains a classic way of holding people’s attention which is why it is currently popular.

Dynamic grids

Dynamic grids avail the freedom to deviate from the web design status quo and create a unique, sleek, and impressive site. However, it should not trump functionality or content flow

Custom visuals and illustrations

Stock fonts, visuals, color schemes, and illustrations are the surest way to create a website that blends in. To stand out and improve SEO, custom visuals, and illustrations are paramount.

Custom social integration buttons

Smart web designers are deviating from homogenous social buttons to come up with attention-grabbing buttons that promote sharing which plays a prominent role in boosting SEO ranking.

Full-screen pop-ups

Full-screen pop-ups are already popular as a way of ensuring interaction and content exposure. Full-screen sign-up pop-ups, are, however, quickly gaining popularity as a more efficient method of encouraging visitors to subscribe.

Inspirational web design is like the fashion industry: trends and styles change at the drop of a hat. The best approach to use to create a timeless site is to focus on both functionality and aesthetics while ensuring appeal does not interfere with functionality.