25 Ways Trump’s Immigration Policies Will Affect Immigration from India


25 Ways Trump’s Immigration Policies Will Affect Immigration from India 


Donald Trump was very vocal concerning immigration during his campaign trail. Immigration was a big part of his manifesto, and it is a crucial cog in his plan to make America great again. His proposed laws are radical, and upsetting to some especially now that he is the president-elect.

Taking into consideration that majority of American immigrants from the east are from India, most of the said laws are going to heavily impact immigration from India. Below are 25 ways Trump’s immigration policies will affect immigration from India.

Fewer visa spots

Indian outsourcing firms based in the U.S have been hogging H1-B visa spots. Trump’s planned crackdown on abuse of visa allocation systems will put this to a stop.

Less working permit spots

In the same vein, working permit quotas, which Indian firms have taken a significant advantage of are likely to be overhauled which may result in fewer spots for India.

Fewer Indian international students

The decrease in visa spots will mean that foreign students who want to study and work in America will have fewer opportunities to actualize their intentions.

Less visa loopholes to exploit

Trump intends to seal all loopholes in visa allocations systems. Indian nationals who were planning to benefit from the same to gain entry into America will not be able to do so.

Increased checks

Immigrants from all over the world into the United States will be scrutinized more. Indian immigrants, just like all other immigrants will have to undergo more checks.

In-depth checks

Besides the implementation of more checks, Trump’s policies will also increase the depth of checks performed in a bid to make them more qualitative.

Increased cost of immigration

The increased number of checks will increase expenses for both immigrants and the related agencies.

Complicated immigration process

Trump’s laws will enhance the complexity of the immigration process from other countries into America including India.

Reduced immigration from India

Trump’s proposed rules are likely to reduce immigration into America, hence immigration from India will also reduce.

Indian immigrants will prefer other countries

Trump’s laws will make it harder to get into the U.S which will encourage immigration of Indian citizens to other countries such as the U.K, Netherlands, etc.

Reduced talent import from India

The proposed cracking down on visa systems means that less talent is going to be imported from India.

Poor Indians will find it harder to pursue the American dream

Since Trump’s laws are likely to complicate and make the immigration process more expensive, poor Indian nationals will find it harder to muster enough resources to actualize immigration into America.

Increased deportations

Illegal immigrants from India will be deported since Trump’s administration intends to deport all illegal immigrants.

Improved immigrant perception

Legal immigrants will benefit from an improved perception by the American public since they will be viewed as being in the country through legitimate means.

Fewer visa applications from India

It is likely that many checks coupled with a complex immigration process will discourage Indian nationals from applying for visas altogether.

Strained relations between Indian and American immigration agencies

The upheaval that Trump’s laws are likely to cause in the immigration sector is guaranteed to cause some friction between the two nations’ immigration agencies.

Faster integration of immigrants

Legal immigrants will enjoy better treatment and more rapid integration into the society.

Increased tensions

Before all parties get used to the proposed laws, there will be lots of tension surrounding immigration from India and other countries into America.

Fewer Indian immigrants with sinister motives

Those intending to move into the U.S to further ulterior agendas will have a hard time doing so.

Loss of jobs for illegal immigrants

Illegal Indian immigrants will lose their jobs once the government starts its crackdown on people who are in the U.S illegally.

Reduced number of tourists from India

It is probable that the complexity of the customs process once Trump’s policies are implemented will reduce Indian tourist visits.

Indian Muslim immigrants

Trump’s stern stance on Muslims will negatively affect Muslim immigrants from India. The chances are that they will be scrutinized more thoroughly before being granted entry into the country.

Immigrant tracking

Trump’s government will keep a close eye on all immigrants who do not meet the set criteria satisfactorily. Such immigrants from India and other nations are, therefore, likely to be covertly observed.

India might react

In reaction to the immigration laws, India might also decide to tighten its laws concerning immigration from the U.S

Family visits

It will be harder for Indian families to visit their relatives who have immigrated into the U.S due to the increased checks.

Trump’s laws will completely modify the immigration process between America and other nations. However, India can find comfort in the fact that Trump intends to have a “close” relationship with the nation according to one of his speeches.