25 Ways to Use Bing for Local Business


25 Ways to Use Bing for Local Business  

With a 20% market share in the search engine market, Bing is worthy of mention even though Google rules the space. Given the mind-blowing number of worldwide searches, it does not take much calculation to realize that Bing is a nifty resource that ambitious businesses should make use of to boost sales among other things. Below are 25 ways in which a local business can utilize Bing.

Advertise using Bing Ads

When it comes to search engine advertising, Bing Ads is only outdone by Google AdWords regarding traffic and usage which makes it worthy of consideration for any savvy business willing to take advantage of any and all platforms to foster expansion.

Set up Bing local listings

A business willing to stamp its local authority should get listed on Bing. It is straightforward, easy to do, and entirely free.

Increase visibility

In line with getting listed and advertising via Bing ads, a business can exponentially increase its visibility especially if Bing efforts are accompanied by both Google and Yahoo efforts.


Like Google and Yahoo, Bing is ideal for polishing up SEO and cultivating a resounding local organic presence for niches of interest.

Keep tabs on competition

To be ahead of the curve, a local business must be aware of competitor moves, and Bing used in tandem with Google serves a more comprehensive picture of competitor activity online.

Find keywords

Bing is a gem when it comes to finding keywords that attract healthy traffic at lower rates compared to its competitors which makes it a darling for many local businesses.

Generate traffic easily

If generating quality traffic on a limited budget is on your agenda, then Bing is the answer. It is cheap, and best of all, ads placed on Bing enjoy better placement.

Add listings on behalf of clients

Not only can one list up a personal business, but it is also possible to do it for others as well as list other business branches in the same location. Bing definitely gets a thumbs up pertaining to flexibility.

Build business image

Like all traditional platforms, Bing provides a convenient channel for cultivating a good, locally appropriate business image.

Link to potential niche customers

With Bing, a business accesses a platform that makes it possible to reach niche clients at pocket-friendly rates. In a nutshell, it is an ideal platform for a local business that wants to generate traffic of a very particular nature.


Like Google, Bing has a rating system that makes it possible for those who have interacted with an establishment to leave ratings.

Generate leads

Traffic is of no use if it does not actualize substantial yields. Ardent Bing users often swear by the platform concerning its efficacy in lead generation if proper tactics are implemented.


Quality networks are invaluable, and in a local setting, they quickly establish the authority of a business. Bing can be a great networking tool for any enterprise.


Whatever form of public relations a local business is after, Bing should be among the platforms to utilize. However, for comprehensive P.R maneuvers, using Google alongside Bing is the way to go.

Damage control

Used together with Google, Bing can be a great tool for damage control locally when things fail to pan out.

Site activity analysis

Bing analytics offers in-depth data depicting site activity hence availing a myriad of insights useful in formulating streamlined local business strategies.

Access customer information

Bing is desirable for promoting local business because of the customer information it avails. With such data, one can tailor products better to hook more local clients.

Track progress

With quality data in hand, such as the information Bing actualizes, monitoring and measuring progress against set goals becomes an easier task.

Get real-time feedback

With search engine marketing, access to data is immediate and often in real time. This makes it easy to seal loopholes and tweak strategies quickly in a bid to evolve rapidly to capture local markets.

Develop targeted campaigns

Bing stands outs among other online advertising channels because of the increased options if offers pertaining to campaign customization in a bid to access the right audiences.

Facilitate social media presence

Bing offers quality, automated social media extensions that can assist a local business generate social media buzz.

Locate new opportunities

Bing opens up a local business to a whole new world where opportunities that can be taken advantage of are aplenty.

Local demographics

Success in business including making effective decisions boils down to having the right information. Bing can be particularly helpful in learning local demographics.

Learn location history

Bing can help a local business align its practices with an area’s status quo to facilitate congeniality and appeal to more people.

Do research

Just as Google, Bing is an excellent research tool that can go a long way in availing useful nuggets of data for a local business to make use of to boost expansion.

It is not in doubt that Bing is one of the priceless platforms out there that a local business can gain a lot from. However, wisdom demands a more integrated approach, and for this reason, a local business should adopt a hybrid strategy that also involves Yahoo and Google to maximize results.