25 Ways Web Developers Can Make Extra Income


25 Ways Web Developers Can Make Extra Income 

Focusing on alternate ways of generating income is a crucial component of any financial security grand plan. As a web developer, it is not uncommon to experience workflow highs and lows which necessitate other revenue channels to bridge the income gap when the workflow is inadequate. Below are 25 ways you can utilize to make extra money as a web developer.

Write an e-book

Create a quality book concerning web development topics you are prolific on and sell it on various e-commerce platforms. With thousands of websites cropping up every day, the web development market continues to grow with more people seeking to master the craft.

Offer a web development online course

Some people like a more interactive approach to learning web development. You can be the person to offer such services, earning money while at it.

Offer SaaS services

Software as a service is a great way to earn passive income. Initial workload and resource use might be intense, but the results are worth it. You can come up with a payroll, team management, or storage management software and hire it out.

Create a WordPress theme

You could easily manage to earn significant passive income by coming up with a clean and elegant WordPress theme. Being the most popular CMS, websites based on the same continue to mushroom availing opportunities you can take advantage of.

Take surveys

Taking surveys is a viable way to make extra income especially during those off days when you seem unable to be sufficiently creative.

Create a web development website

A quality web development site offering information on various aspects pertaining to web development is a surefire way you can use to boost your income. Furthermore, it will give you a platform to showcase your skills.

Create WordPress plugins

The rise of WordPress based blogs and websites has created a demand for themes and plugins. Tap into this market by creating your plugin to make extra income.

Create an app

If you have a great app idea, do not hesitate to bring it to fruition. It could be your ticket to earning colossal passive revenue.

Create a PSD template

Developers working on strict schedules are always ready to make use of models that most resemble their ideal template. Making a few templates can help you earn some extra income.

Write and sell web development content

Writing web development content and selling it on content mills can be a good way to keep yourself busy when work is hard to come by.

Start a web development blog

A blog is easy to start and with due effort, it can start earning income in a short amount of time.

Create Tumblr themes

Take advantage of the opportunities the phenomenal growth of Tumblr has presented by creating unique themes to sell to users.

Create stock icons

There are always people looking for custom icon jobs. Tap into this demand by coming up with quality and unique icons.

Make custom fonts

Quality custom fonts are always in demand. Develop unique fonts and sell them to interested parties.

Guest blogging

Guest blogging is a good way to build your brand – and building a strong brand will help you get more web development gigs.

Become an affiliate marketer

If you have potent marketing skills, you can earn extra income by becoming an affiliate marketer.

Sell coupons

People are always attracted to good deals. You can exploit this integral aspect of human nature by selling coupons; preferably, on your blog or website.

Become a social media marketer

If you have a strong social media presence, convert it into a source of income by running social media marketing campaigns

Upsell web development services

You can upsell your web development skills to make more money by offering additional services to clients at a fee.

Create a LinkedIn presence

LinkedIn can be a great source of small web development projects that you can take up during your free time to earn more income.

Get involved in cloud service coding

Some developers have allegedly been making up to $10,000 a month through cloud service coding. You could also try your luck.

Network with peers

Network with peers through the various professional platforms so that you can strategically place yourself to take advantage of all impromptu opportunities.

Take up freelancing

Freelancing can help bridge the workflow gap when you are experiencing low workflow periods.

Become a digital marketer

You can venture into digital marketing if you feel you have sufficient marketing skills. Established digital marketers are earning tidy sums of money.

Offer professional social media styling services

You can provide professional social media page styling services. You can start off by doing custom twitter backgrounds as you venture out onto other platforms.

With a willing heart and diligence, you can manage to build up a passive income stream that can be your ticket to achieving lasting wealth. However, be careful not to fall into the trap of trying to do too much, too soon.