3 A/B Testing Strategies to Generate More Leads


3 A/B Testing Strategies to Generate More Leads   

PPC campaigns are an extremely effective way to generate highly targeted leads when everything is optimized. If your target audience, ads, or landing pages aren’t quite cutting it, though, you’ll end up just bleeding money without getting the results you want.

A/B testing is the best way to make sure your PPC inbound marketing campaign is running smoothly. A/B testing is simple: put out two versions of the same campaign with only one minor tweak (the ad, the copy, the Call to Action, etc.), and compare results. Once your sample size is large enough, you’ll know what’s effective and what isn’t. In fact, one company was able to boost conversions by 300% after completing only a single test! Here are three things to do to ensure you’re A/B testing properly:

1. Use Keywords With Lots of Activity

The key to performing a statistically significant A/B test is getting a lot of volume. Don’t bother A/B testing your lowest performing keywords to start, you need to look at the ones that are getting lots of traffic already. Start off by changing up the headline and seeing the impact it has on conversions. Next, test out the body’s copy. Once you start getting an idea of what works best, you can start testing the rest of your ads, too.

2. Pay Close Attention to Your Landing Pages

Landing pages are one of the most important pieces of your PPC campaign. They clicked your ad, which means that they’ve already shown some interest in your brand. Your landing page is the only opportunity you have to take this interested customer and turn them into an actual conversion, so it’s critical to nail it. Just as importantly, a bad landing page wastes lots of money on paid clicks that aren’t converting.

The most important thing you can do with a landing page is keeping everything simple. Too much text will scare your audience off, especially when they’re looking for information quickly. Too many images, videos, or special effects will increase the loading time and hurt mobile performance. Ideally, you want just enough copy to convince the prospect to take the next step while still leaving a little bit of mystery.

3. Communicate With SMS After the Click

Not many people consider post-click communications when considering PPC campaign optimization, but it’s just as important as any part of the process. Since many leads take multiple touches to convert, you must make sure that your communication method is as effective as possible. That’s why using an SMS marketing platform is such a great idea. With a top-notch mass SMS texting service, you can create automated campaigns based around shortcodes and reach your audience with a huge 98% success rate. For maximum efficiency, create two campaigns based around each shortcode and see which one works best.

Have you successfully implemented A/B testing to improve the performance of your PPC campaign, or any other marketing campaign? Do you have any questions? Make sure to let us know with a comment below!

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