30 Marketing Lessons We Can Learn from Alice in Wonderland

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30 Marketing Lessons We Can Learn from Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland is a pop culture and literature icon, with lessons that are relevant today as they were over 150 years ago when it was first released. This article will look to look at the lessons from a business point of view, and with the help of the marketing experts over at runrex.com, here are 30 marketing lessons we can learn from Alice in Wonderland.

Take risks

Just like Alice, you should not be content with the ordinary and should take risks, just like Alice did when she went crawling down the rabbit hole as discussed over at runrex.com. Marketing is extremely competitive and a little bit of risk-taking is required to be successful.

Risks, more often than not, have big rewards

While it was a big risk for Alice to crawl down the rabbit hole, her reward for her risk-taking was the discovery of a magical land and great adventure. The same is true for marketing where the reason why you should be prepared to take risks now and then is because you will most likely reap huge rewards.

It’s not always smooth sailing

In Alice in Wonderland, as discussed over at runrex.com, Alice encounters lots of challenges and obstacles, including getting lost, but it is all worth it in the end. In marketing also, things won’t always run smoothly, and you will run into challenges which is something you should expect and prepare yourself for.

Have set goals to work towards

The whole goal of Alice’s adventure was to answer the question she got asked by the caterpillar, “Who are you?”. This is what drives her through her journey, and is another marketing lesson we can learn here. In marketing, having goals is crucial as it gives you something to work towards and to measure success with.

You don’t want to get stuck in the past

Just like Alice remarked that it was no use going to yesterday as she was a different person then, you mustn’t get stuck in the past when it comes to marketing. Learn from your past mistakes and move forward, and remember, as explained over at runrex.com, what may have worked in the past won’t necessarily work in the future or the present.

Have a vision

Other than having set goals, you should also have a vision governing your marketing efforts and your business operations as a whole. This is another marketing lesson we can learn from Alice’s journey in Alice in Wonderland.


Alice did everything you can imagine to get through the impassable door, from eating something to get smaller to eating something to get bigger and so forth, as covered over at runrex.com. She didn’t give up, and you will also be required to persevere through all your failed attempts to succeed when it comes to marketing; another marketing lesson worth learning.

Be different

Alice was not content with being ordinary, and she set out to look for the extraordinary. The marketing lesson we can learn here is the importance of being different and unique in the eyes of your audience. Don’t be like everyone else if you want to get the best from your marketing efforts.

You can get useful advice from anyone

Just like Alice was able to get some life-changing advice from the caterpillar, so can you get marketing advice from anyone. Don’t ever disregard anyone as anyone can give you advice that revolutionizes your marketing campaigns.

Compelling content

Alice in Wonderland has been able to stand the test of time because it is nothing but compelling; from the characters to the storyline. If you are to be successful in your marketing campaigns, you must have compelling content to keep your audience intrigued.

Planning will prevent you from being overwhelmed

As the gurus over at runrex.com will tell you, you will have all sorts of tasks to get through when it comes to marketing be it social media to branding and many others. The only way you can stop yourself from being overwhelmed is to plan and organize, something Alice learns along the way.

Listen to your gut more

Alice usually gave herself great advice, but very rarely took it, and the marketing lesson we can learn here is to trust yourself more. Listen to your gut feeling more often as you know your business better and you know what is required as far as marketing is concerned.

Have no limits

When it comes to marketing, you should have no limits, just like Alice says she sometimes believes in as many as 6 impossible things before breakfast, as covered over at runrex.com. Don’t restrict yourself in terms of the audience demographics or channels you want to explore to get the best out of your marketing efforts.

Always look to learn

Alice says that she is not going back to yesterday because she was a different person then. This just goes to show that you should progressively look to learn when it comes to marketing, particularly from your mistakes, for better results going forward.

Start at the beginning

Just like Alice started at the beginning of the rabbit hole and, you should not try to jump ahead when it comes to marketing but should start at the beginning and take it from there according to the gurus over at runrex.com. Starting from the beginning ensures that you have everything set up as it should be.

Don’t take on too much

Marketing is wide and a big universe, particularly given digital marketing is ever-growing. There is a tendency to spread yourself thin, taking on too much, which could lead to you doing too much but achieving very little. Just like Alice said that “The hurrier I go, the behinder I get”, you will find that, if you take on too much, you will less productive, a marketing lesson worth learning.

The importance of relatability

The main thing about Alice in Wonderland is that Alice is extremely relatable, with many people seeing themselves in her, as revealed in discussions over at runrex.com. This helped with its popularity and is a marketing lesson worth learning as it shows the power of relatability in your marketing campaigns, which helps build loyalty to your brand.

Be curious

Just like Alice, if you are to be successful in marketing, you need to be curious and open to trying new things. Ask questions if you must and look for informative answers to gain insights that will benefit your marketing campaigns.

Learn from the numbers

Another marketing lesson we can learn from Alice in Wonderland, one that dovetails closely with the above point, is the importance of keeping up with and learning from numbers. Look at the metrics and be curious to learn useful metrics that will help improve your marketing efforts.

Get your content right

Alice drank from a bottle named “Drink Me” and she grew extremely tall, and she ate from a plate labeled “Taste Me” and she shrank down too much. The labels were off and she paid the price. The marketing lesson we can learn here is that you have to get your content right. If you get things wrong and it hurts your audience, your marketing campaigns will suffer badly.

Do your research

On a related note to the point above, another marketing lesson we can learn from Alice in Wonderland is the importance of doing your research so that you only produce content that is anchored in knowledge, something the gurus over at runrex.com agree with.

Ensure that there is a method to the madness

While it is important to experiment and try out new things when it comes to marketing, it is crucial that on top of having a vision and a plan, you also have a sense of direction so that there is a method to the madness to avoid wasting resources on strategies that will bear no fruit. This is another marketing lesson we can learn from Alice in Wonderland, particularly from the wisdom dropped by The Cheshire Cat.

Beware of PR blunders

You should also be beware not to make blunders like the Card Painter and fall foul of the Queen of Hearts, who in marketing terms and for this point is your audience. Review your content before putting them up, with tools to help you with this discussed over at runrex.com.

Avoid being boring

Take a leaf out of Walrus’ book also and ensure that your content is not boring or doesn’t come out as being too robotic. This is yet another marketing lesson we can learn from Alice in Wonderland, this time from another of our favorite characters in Walrus.

Soften your blocks of text with visuals

When Alice said, “What is the use of a book without pictures or conversation?”, marketing heads around the world, including the gurus over at runrex.com felt that. The marketing lesson we can learn from this is that it is important to avoid huge blocks of text and make sure you incorporate visuals such as photos, infographics, videos, and so forth to keep your audience interested, particularly when it comes to content marketing.


The second part of the above point is equally important, because, on top of incorporating visuals, it is key that you instigate conversations among your audience, which is another marketing lesson we can learn from Alice in Wonderland. Ask your audience what they think about your content and provide platforms for them to discuss like charts and so forth.

Be inventive

Alice also said, “If the world has absolutely no sense, what is stopping us from inventing one?”, providing another marketing lesson. As the gurus over at runrex.com will you, when it comes to marketing, invent, and innovate as much as possible.

Differentiate your brand

The “we are all mad” comment is one of the most commonly known comments from Alice in Wonderland, and one that we can take directly to our marketing campaigns. We are all mad in our unique ways, and it is important to ensure that we differentiate our brand through our unique marketing efforts.

Don’t be too consumed with your competition

When it comes to marketing, don’t be like the Queen of Hearts, and get too consumed with keeping up with and outdoing your competition as this will blind you and lead you into a situation where you are not getting any advantage out of your efforts, according to the experts over at runrex.com.

Your challenges may not be as tough as you think

Finally, another marketing lesson we can learn from Alice in Wonderland is that your challenges may not be as tough as you think. Alice realized that the Queen of Hearts and her minions were just a pack of cards, and the same could be the case for your marketing efforts where the challenges you think are unassailable may not be that difficult.

Remember, if you are looking for more information on this and other related topics, look no further than the highly regarded runrex.com.