30 Marketing Lessons We Can Learn from The Aristocats

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30 Marketing Lessons We Can Learn from The Aristocats

The Aristocats, as can be expected of a Disney Movie, teaches us several life lessons, including some very handy marketing lesson which this article, together with the experts over at runrex.com, will look to articulate by highlighting 30 marketing lessons we can learn from the animation.

The power of capturing your audience’s attention from the beginning

Aristocats, as discussed over at runrex.com, starts with a bang, with the theme song, The Aristocats, which is sung by the legendary French singer, Maurice Chevalier. This captures the attention from the very beginning and has contributed to its popularity. The marketing lesson we can learn here is the importance and power of capturing the attention of your audience straight off the bat when it comes to your marketing content.

Influencer marketing

The voice cast on Aristocats is star-studded and involves such big names like Phil Harris, Scatman Crothers among others. This helped drum up attention for the movie, contributing to its popularity. In marketing, the power of influencers is not to be underestimated, as if used well, it could greatly benefit your brand.

The importance of having goals

Just like Duchess and her 3 kittens had a goal to get back to Paris after being left for dead by the butler, so should you have goals you are working towards if you are to be successful in your marketing endeavors, as per the advice of the gurus over at runrex.com.

The importance of problem-solving

O’Malley and Duchess have to be extremely resourceful and exhibit tremendous problem-solving capabilities to get to Paris, given they have no resources at their disposal. The marketing lesson we can learn here is the importance of problem-solving when it comes to marketing when things don’t go well.


Just like Madame Adelaide had managed to build tremendous loyalty with Duchess and her kittens that they didn’t want to leave her for O’Malley, so should you build loyalty with your audience to make sure that they always want to stick around, as per the folks over at runrex.com.

Emotional connection with your audience

The storyline in The Aristocats is one that tugs at the heartstrings, prompting viewers to root for Duchess and her kittens while rooting against Edgar the butler, which contributed to its popularity. The marketing lesson this teaches is the importance of building an emotional connection with your audience as pertains to your marketing campaigns.

Compelling content

If you are to get the most out of your marketing campaigns, you will need compelling content, which is why The Aristocats was so popular and is another marketing lesson we can learn from the animation as discussed over at runrex.com.

The power of teamwork

Duchess and her kittens can defeat Edgar due to help from Roquefort, O’Malley, and the gang, which shows the benefits of teamwork. In marketing, you will need teamwork, with all the departments in your business working as one, if you are to be successful.

You should be prepared to go out of your comfort zone

Duchess and her kittens are city cats, used to being pampered, but can survive because they are prepared to go out of their comfort zone and even meet new people for help. In marketing, this is important as you will regularly find yourself in unfamiliar situations.

Importance of adapting

On a related note to the point above, while Duchess and her kittens are city cats, they can adapt when they find themselves in the middle of nowhere and have to trace their way back to the city. This is also true for marketing where you will have to adapt regularly as you will find yourself having to grapple with new situations and issues.


O’Malley and Duchess can get through the various challenges they come across due to coming up with great tactics and strategies, as covered over at runrex.com. The same is true for marketing, where you will need to be strategic and come up with viable plans to overcome the challenges you will face along the way.

The road won’t always be smooth

Things were looking pretty rosy for Duchess and her kittens, having listed as the sole beneficiaries of Madame Adelaide’s fortune, until Edgar turned villain. The same can be said of marketing where an important lesson to learn is that things will not always run smoothly and you should expect and preempt issues.

Simplify your story

The beauty of The Aristocats is that the plot is not particularly complicated, and this makes it catchy and easy to follow and enjoy as explained over at runrex.com. The marketing lesson we can learn here is the power of simplifying your story. Makes sure your audience isn’t confused by your marketing messages.

The importance of reflecting good values

Not only does The Aristocats reflect good Societal values such as family and unity, in the end, Madame Adelaide also sets up a shelter for all the alley cats in Paris. This adds to the charm as far as the movie is concerned, and is another marketing lesson worth learning. When coming up with your marketing campaigns, try and position yourself as a voice for good in society.

Have something for everyone

The characters in The Aristocats are varied with wide-ranging personalities from the fearless Toulouse to the pugnacious Berlioz, among others as discussed over at runrex.com. Watching the animation, you will find at least one character you can relate to, and the same should apply to your marketing efforts where you should have content for almost everyone to attract as much of your audience as possible.

The benefit of learning

Just like the kittens in The Aristocats take piano and painting lessons, so should you be looking to learn and improve to get the best out of your marketing campaigns; another marketing lesson we can learn from the animation.

You can find allies in unlikely places

Who would have thought that the house-mouse Roquefort or the horse Frou-Frou would help Duchess and her kittens? They are unlikely allies, and it is the same in marketing where, as per the gurus over at runrex.com, you can get help and advice from anyone and should never dismiss or prejudge anyone.

You reap what you sow

Just like Edgar eventually reaps the fruits of his greed and jealously, in marketing, you will also only reap what you sow. If you put in the work and dedicate time and resources, eventually you will get the success you are looking for; and vice versa.

Position yourself as providing solutions to your audience

Just like Madame Adelaide when she decided to start up a shelter for stray cats, you should position yourself as providing solutions to the problems your audience is facing of you are to be successful with your marketing efforts, a lesson we can learn from The Aristocats.

Be ready to listen to and help out your audience

On a related note, just like O’Malley, who lend Duchess an ear and was willing to help her and her kittens get back to the city, you should be prepared to listen to your audience, to provide solutions. This will help your marketing efforts massively.

Preparations and planning

Just like Madame Adelaide preparing her will to ensure that her cats and butler are well taken care of in case something happens to her, you will need to put in place plans and preparations before you embark on your marketing campaigns, something the gurus over at runrex.com agree with.

The power of titles and catchphrases

You have to admit that the title, The Aristocats, is pretty impressive and immediately captures the attention of the viewer, making the curious to watch the movie. This is another marketing lesson we can learn here as it shows us the power of having memorable titles and catchphrases.

Back it all up

However, an impressive title or catchphrase is not everything as once you tickle the interest of your audience you will have to back it up to keep them interested, just like The Aristocats does. Once you get your audience through the door, make sure you keep them as per the experts over at runrex.com.

Provide consistency when it comes to quality

Disney has a reputation for quality animations, and viewers expected nothing else from The Aristocats and were more willing to watch. The marketing lesson we can take here is the importance of providing consistency to your audience, ensuring that they are inclined to engage with your content due to your reputation.

Make thing happen

Rather than feel sorry for herself for what has befallen her and her kittens, Duchess makes things happen, as discussed over at runrex.com and works to return to Madame Adelaide. You should take this spirit to your marketing campaigns, where you should be proactive and attack every problem rather than reacting and waiting for things to happen for you.

You don’t solve your problems by burying them

Edgar thinks he has solved his problems by dropping the cats in a far-away area, but they end up returning, to his surprise. In marketing, you will have to face any issues you encounter head-on, as you can’t ignore them hoping they will go away; they will soon return to haunt you.

Be honest with your audience

We can only assume that things wouldn’t have conspired how they did if Madame Adelaide had been honest with Edgar from the get-go, and he didn’t have to hear about the news of the inheritance when eavesdropping as discussed over at runrex.com. The marketing lesson we learn here is to always be honest with our audience as dishonesty erodes loyalty.

Know your audience

Disney does know their audience and knows what they want, and they always deliver, which they once again did with The Aristocats, following the tested and proven Disney winning recipe. You should do likewise when it comes to marketing where you should make sure you know your audience, what they want and offer it to them.

Don’t restrict yourself when it comes to your audience

Just like Scat Cat’s band, which is made up of cats from all over the world, you should not restrict yourself when it comes to your audience as far as marketing is concerned. Make sure you are reaching out to as many demographics as possible, according to the experts over at runrex.com.

Offer something unique

The Aristocats has a plot that is unlike any other Disney movie, which means that it offers something different to viewers hence its popularity. The marketing lesson we can learn here is the importance of standing out from the crowd and offering your audience something different.

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